Solving the Customer Experience Equation

It’s not rocket science. When contact center operations run smoothly, efficiently and productively, the customer experience flourishes. Think of it as a perfect infinite circle, where each element affects the next. But things change when gaps impede that circular flow.

Running a Contact Center is Not for the Faint of Heart

Your contact center operations team are skilled jugglers and tightrope walkers, managing 1,001 competing demands, putting out fires daily and solving problems on the fly. They’re your superheroes.  But every superhero needs the right tools that allow them to leap across tall buildings to save the day.

Imagine that you have an unexpected temporary disruption in service—internet, power or website issues. You need to quickly communicate these disruptions to your customers before your agents get overwhelmed with incoming calls. Lacking a quick way to record, enable or disable voice segments, you’d have to contact IT, get in the queue and wait. No one wants to do that. And while you wait in IT-queue limbo, your customers are also stuck waiting in long queues, wondering what’s up with your service​.

Your Genesys® PureConnectTM system administrators are responsible for ensuring that your solution runs optimally. But configuration and reporting are lengthy and messy processes. Something as simple as tracking and managing license distribution and utilization across your organization, can be a time-consuming task with countless clicks and hours lost. Ask your administrators if they can compare the number of licenses purchased versus the number of licenses actively being used quick and easily. The answer is likely no.  

Don’t Forget Your Agents

Agents are equally challenged to efficiently complete their tasks while also maintaining professionalism and a pleasant disposition that translates into a positive customer experience. This is easy when agents are armed with integrated tools that provide instant access to valuable client information. Otherwise, they’re burdened with a complicated process that serves to increase agent frustration and decrease productivity—with inefficient time spent with the customer. Even the most talented agent cannot perform at their best when she has a desktop cluttered with tools that provide unconnected customer data, forcing multiple clicks, scrolls and opened windows to respond to a simple query. Let’s face it: Fragmented data leads to a fragmented customer experience.  

For example, your CRM system contains a wealth of customer data—history, preferences and other valuable information. To access this information, your agent must leave their PureConnect screen, open the CRM system, search for the client, access the information and then return to their PureConnect interaction. That’s a lot of unnecessary steps.

Empower PureConnect Users to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

To perfectly complete the equation of: optimal operations + agent productivity = superior customer experience, you need the right tools to enhance your PureConnect solution. Quovim C3, a Genesys Gold Partner, developed the QC3 iNFiNiTi value-added solutions suite to deliver integrated tools that enhance your PureConnect solution.

Regain control over customer communications with message insertion points that let you quickly and instantly record, enable and disable IVR messages—eliminating your reliance on IT. Administrators rely on RegREPORTER to deliver advanced reporting capabilities and utility tools that simplify configuration, optimally monitor licencing costs and reduce configuration errors. CRM Dynamics Connector seamlessly integrates Microsoft Dynamics for an optimal agent desktop that boosts connectivity and agility, allowing agents to manage critical daily functions from one application.

Learn how the QC3 iNFiNiTi add-on solution suite can enhance your Genesys PureConnect solution. Visit Quovim C3 on the Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace or watch their on-demand webinar today.

This post was co-authored by Joe Bigio. Bigio is the Executive Vice President of Quovim C3, a Genesys Gold Partner focused on delivering exceptional contact center software and consulting solutions that enrich the customer experience. The QC3 iNFiNiTi value-added contact center applications for Genesys PureConnect, deliver a world of infinite possibilities that serve to enhance your solution and maximize your investment.