Sign up for Early Access to PureCloud Edge Media Microservice

PureCloud is opening a beta program, giving customers the ability to test the new multitenant Edge media microservice that runs atop Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The Edge media tier manages all voice aspects of media processing for both customer engagement and unified communications. If you’re using Edge in AWS, now you can take advantage of next-generation media services and bring the speed and agility of cloud to your business’ telephony.

Key points:

  • We’ve extracted the Edge media into its own multitenant microservice.
  • The new suite of Edge microservices provides auto-scaling and continuous deployment on AWS.

What Changed and Why

The new multitenant Edge microservices are a transition away from the powerful, but monolithic, Edge application. We’re extracting the Edge functionality into independent microservices that allow for auto-scaling, faster feature iteration, and greater resiliency. The first of these breakouts is the media microservice. Prior to the introduction of this new media microservice, updates to any portion of Edge functionality required a build-and-test cycle for the entire stack, which meant less-frequent updates and more potential for disruption. Now, the Edge media microservice can be continuously updated independent of the Edge application and can auto-scale based on real-time demand.

Previously, if you prepped for higher call volumes during an upcoming holiday season, you would have to reach out to Genesys PureCloud Care and ask them to spin up additional Edges in anticipation of your needs. We realized that this inflexible scalability resulted in a cumbersome process and IT inefficiencies for our customers.


We split the media portion of the Edge into a separate microservice, so it’s no longer a single tenant.


The introduction of the Edge media microservice brings next-generation architecture to PureCloud media processing. Because each microservice instance performs a single function, a failure in one is contained. When a microservice instance fails, an elastic load balancer (ELB) automatically sends requests to another node for smooth recovery and minimal disruption.

In addition to increased reliability, microservices architectures enable system scalability. So, if your call volume or number of active agents increases because of seasonal demand, the system automatically adapts to meet that demand without delays or strain. This new architecture also enables continuous deployment, so we can bring you the latest Edge media features faster.

If you’re a PureCloud Voice customer and ready to benefit from the new PureCloud Edge media microservice, contact to sign up for beta access.