Remembering Brian Riggs

I was saddened to hear of Brian’s death over the weekend in an accident in Southern California. Brian was an industry analyst covering our space and we worked with him over the years. If you met him the first thing you would notice about him was his quick mind and sharp intelligence. Brian was one of the good guys – smart, witty and he understood the tech details. Even better, he had huge intellectual curiosity which made our conversations much deeper and forced me to think through my ideas, in short, he made me think better and consider my theories so they would stand up to his intellectual tests.

Over the years Brian interacted with a number of Interactive Intelligence and Genesys executives and staff, and my team have been remembering his sincerity and willingness to understand all the vendors in our space and our products/technologies. He would then take what he had heard and make it understandable to business people working through their customer support and service strategies.

I’d like to send my personal condolences, as well as those of the Genesys team to Brian’s family and friends.