Power Your CX with Gamification

Gamification in your customer experience platform is not necessarily the first thing you think about when building a contact center. But one of the first things you think about is Workforce Management and Workforce Optimization as your attrition rate might be quite high and you’d like to provide an outstanding service to your customer.

Gamification can drastically improve your employees performance and loyalty.

Last week we were sitting together with our AppFoundry partner nGuvu talking about Gamification in customer experience center and the advantages of a cloud-based solution, which can be easily integrated into your existing Genesys environment, even though it’s installed on premise.

What is Gamification?

You may be surprised to learn that the concept of applying gamification outside of traditional gaming has been around for over a century! “Making work fun”, as a way to motivate employees and keep their spirits up is certainly not a new idea.

Read more from nGuvu on what is gamification here. 

To learn more about the features and benefits of nGuvu, visit the application listing on the Genesys AppFoundry.