Personalizing Your Customer Experience Resource Toolbox

When my dad died decades ago, my family began sorting through his belongings and found his toolbox. I was going to school across the country and couldn’t take the toolbox home with me. So I left it with a local friend. Sadly, it was stolen out of her car not too long after she had it. I was heartbroken. His toolbox was unmistakable; it smelled unique and the tools were arranged in exactly the way he wanted them. I could identify that toolbox as his in a room full of other toolboxes of the same make, model and contents.

His toolbox is a perfect example of personalization. It was unmistakably my father’s. The most accessible items — those he thought were most important — were organized in the very specific way he wanted them to be.

The Genesys Knowledge Network was created as a digital toolbox to give companies that same feeling of a personal toolbox. It’s a single point of access to all the resources needed to help customer experience (CX) leaders, IT pros and contact center managers stay up to date on the latest product releases, current industry trends and news, and other resources to help them orchestrate the customer experiences they provide.

With access to self-service tools that are personalized to each user, the network allows them to cut through the distractions and access information that helps them in a way that’s distinctly and efficiently theirs.

When we created the Genesys Knowledge Network, we interviewed users, had them test the network for ease of use and then listened to their feedback — processing that feedback into real changes. In the end, we built four primary digital toolbox compartments.


Genesys Knowledge Network users can bookmark only one site to find all Genesys product-supporting knowledge and tools.


The Genesys Knowledge Network site has personalization capabilities built in; it serves up the information we know uniquely pertains to each user. To build a solid foundation, the Customer Success Digital Transformation team at Genesys recommends automatically stocking your digital toolboxes with the following items to give your customers the tools they need most:

  • Product fundamentals (roadmaps, status updates, release notes, ideas and enhancements)
  • Online community interactivity
  • Unified and personalized search (help, access to the community, blogs, knowledge base, training, videos, etc.)
  • Support case access and status
  • Learning subscriptions and in-progress courses
  • Contact information (Customer Success Manager phone number and email address)
  • Product certifications and badges


When done properly, self-service enables users to find information on their own while still feeling like part of a larger community. To create that balance, the Genesys Knowledge Network facilitates relationships by connecting users to other Genesys community members via online communities, offering easy knowledge sharing opportunities, and presenting easy access to Genesys contact information.


Organization, personalization and connection are key pieces to a digital toobox. But they’re not enough. Users also need to be able to customize their experience when using the network. One way to do this is by favoriting content on the Genesys Knowledge Network. You can place your favorite tools on the top shelf, just where you want them. This ensures all tools are in one toolbox and there’s no need to sift through the rarely used tools in favor of reaching for the most frequently used ones.

The ultimate digital toolbox presents customers with distinctiveness and connection via self-service tools. Customers must be able to take ownership of how their toolboxes are organized.

The Genesys Knowledge Network gives you access to a digital toolbox that’s unmistakably yours. It offers you a personalized end-to-end experience and gives you the tools to create end-to-end personalized experiences for your customers.

Learn more about the design thinking and accessibility principles that are foundational to the network. Then get started on the Genesys Knowledge Network.