Participate in the Genesys PureCloud Product Roadmap

At Genesys, customer input is paramount to our feature planning and portfolio management processes. Constantly reviewing user feedback and product requests are critical to ensuring our product roadmap delivers maximum value to our customers. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the long-awaited Genesys PureCloud Ideas Lab.

The PureCloud Ideas Lab is a great way for customers to interact with PureCloud product management and development teams. By submitting product suggestions and voting on ideas submitted by other PureCloud customers, you play a key role in deciding which product updates we build on the platform. As other PureCloud customers and partners vote and comment on newly submitted ideas, we’re better able to gauge the desirability of future product updates. Once an idea has enough community interest, the PureCloud product management team evaluates the request and determines its viability against the current product roadmap. While it’s not possible to implement every idea that is submitted, community involvement will play a key role in determining what is implemented.

And if you want to see what cool PureCloud features are already planned for development or in the works, you can do that too. The PureCloud Ideas Lab lets you filter by status so you can see exactly what features and enhancements we plan to add, in addition to improvements we’ve already delivered. There are also quick filters that let you check out what’s trending and what’s popular.

If you see that an idea you’re interested in is already on our roadmap, it’s still very valuable to our team for you to vote and comment on that idea. Voting on ideas that are currently planned or in progress lets us know those features are still in demand and should remain on our roadmap. Discussions within the community and newly submitted ideas that are similar in nature often lead to the discovery of better ideas or new use cases that ultimately help us deliver the best solution possible.

When you submit your own idea, or when you vote on an idea that was proposed by someone else in the community, you automatically receive email notifications when there are updates. This includes state transition through the ideas lifecycle, new comments from the community and direct responses from the PureCloud product management team.

If you’re a PureCloud customer, we invite you to participate in the Ideas Lab. First, make sure you have My Support access by sending a request by email to or use this link:

Next, go to the Genesys Knowledge Network, click on the “It looks like you own PureCloud” button at the top of the screen and then press the “Create Idea” button to enter the PureCloud Ideas Lab. Happy voting!