OneLogin Integration and the Genesys Cloud Platform

The cloud is being increasingly built on top of standards in an effort speed development and improve interoperability between platforms. These standards drive the way in which vendors communicate with each other, sharing information in an effort to ease adoption and improve usability by customers. The Genesys CloudTM platform has always been an early and vocal advocate of these sorts of standards, including the Cloud Information Model, Open Data Initiative and SCIM. These standards shape the ways in which cloud vendors interoperate, delivering new and exciting capabilities for leading vendors to integrate between their respective platforms.

The SCIM standard is particularly interesting because of its ability to automate the management of a user across platforms. In 2019, the PureCloud® team released SCIM APIs to help sync user profiles and group information from other platforms into the Genesys Cloud solution. These APIs are the framework upon which apps for vendor platforms can be built.

The first of these apps to be built and released is user provisioning for OneLogin. This feature is an addition to the OneLogin SSO app and allows user identities within OneLogin to be pushed in to the PureCloud application. Coupled with the single sign-on (SSO) feature, this creates a one-stop shop to create and manage a user within the Genesys Cloud platform — and gives that user access to Genesys Cloud — all from within the OneLogin administrative interface.

Leveraging the SCIM APIs, the OneLogin provisioning app presents an ideal way to automate user management across systems. When a new user is created inside of OneLogin, that user can automatically be created inside of Genesys Cloud; if that’s user’s phone number is updated, that change will be pushed to Genesys Cloud in short order. If the user leaves your organization, he or she is removed from Genesys Cloud automatically.

This new level of automation simplifies user management and lowers the burden on IT and administrative staff substantially. Coupled with the other user provisioning apps offered by OneLogin, updates to personnel and their user profiles can be automated across virtually the entire range of software used within your company. This creates a truly automated pipeline that saves time and improves consistency throughout your entire operation.

SCIM represents just a small step in the Genesys Cloud journey to implement and contribute to industry-wide standards that aim to unify data across your cloud software ecosystem. We’re continuously implementing and contributing to these standards to ensure that data flows effortlessly across the cloud software platforms you leverage both now and in the future. This will ensure that you’re delivering the most seamless customer experience possible.

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