Mastering Genesys Configuration Environment

It’s quite simple. Your Genesys Configuration Environment is being managed by Genesys Configuration Server aka Config Server. Configuration Server takes care of all your data management, kept in the underlying Configuration Database, managed by one of the major providers of relational databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, you name them …).

If you are running a single environment and perform updates contact center downtimes,  all is fine. But wait. Downtimes of the contact center? In most cases this happens quite infrequently. So you are looking for a solution, which manages your updates, upgrades and changes.

Since the worst thing which can happen is an outage of your customer experience platform, caused by an incompatibility of any component upgraded in your customer engagement system, a couple of Genesys customers have been looking into strategies for manually maintaining a separate staging environment, if not a pure lab environment,  in order that they may manage their changes, updates and upgrades.

If you don’t just think about software changes, but – in more serious cases – hardware changes, you might need to rebuild your entire environment. This causes a lot of manual management of server configuration settings, manual environment settings, testing, testing, and again … testing.

Think about scalability. While the Genesys Customer Experience Platform itself scales almost infinitely, your hardware doesn’t. Hence you need to attach additional components and need to install additional Operating Systems, maybe databases and perhaps may even need to reinstall your Genesys components. Especially if you did not virtualize your entire environment in the very beginning.

Staging environments by the way are supposed to be a 1:1 replica of your production environment. So are you really performing every change in both systems? If a new agent joins, you create his identity in both systems, right? If a supervisor changes a skill, the skill is being changed in both systems. Really?

Automated Management

In Genesys AppFoundry there are a couple of really interesting and attractive solutions covering these requirements. Starting with straightforward environment synchronizer such as Sync by Eemaan, or Change Management by InProd, or Change management by BlackchairAudit Management by AuditGenInteraction Visualization by Aria, up to Environment Validation by Anana.

There are outstanding solutions provided by these Appfoundry partners in the Genesys ecosystem simplifying your day-by-day Genesys Configuration Management, including synchronization, roll-back, logging and visualization.

Give it a try and reach out to them. Or simply get in touch with your Genesys Account Executive and ask for the Appfoundry vendor solution most suited to your needs.