Make Every Day Easier With a Cloud Contact Center

The Dutch painter Piet Mondrian is famous for his pioneering abstract art, dominated by perpendicular lines and primary colors. His art is bold in its simplicity. But his work wasn’t always that way. Change led Mondrian to shift from influences of van Gogh and Picasso to his focus on reducing everything to the essentials. And Mondrian’s pursuit of harmony through radical simplification is an approach that applies across art, business and technology. Businesses of all sorts and sizes are turning to cloud technology for similar reasons, with striking results.

Turn to Cloud to Create Harmony in Customer Experience

To connect with today’s customers, businesses need more than yesterday’s technology. The right cloud contact center solution can make a tremendous difference in how your customers experience your brand — and in how your teams deliver those experiences.

Continuous innovation makes it easy to take changes in stride. Whether it’s through a smart device or an artificial intelligence (AI)-augmented interface, the changes we foresee are driven by the basic need for human beings to connect — faster, more personally and easier.

One of the best perks of cloud technology is that you can access the latest features and functionality as they’re released, just by refreshing your browser. Continuous delivery makes updates and upgrades painless, low-risk events with no downtime. We carefully designed our systems and processes to ensure every push prioritizes quality and reliability — so you can focus on how to best use the new capabilities to create more meaningful connections.

Scalability makes it easy to flex with demand. Lighten the responsibilities of managing software by choosing a contact center as a service (CCaaS) built on a public cloud and managed by a provider you can trust. It removes any physical location barriers as well as the costs and obligations of managing servers. And it provides the elasticity to scale as high as you need — on the fly.

This means your cloud contact center can accommodate an anticipated or unexpected surge in interactions — say the year-end holidays or a weather-related emergency — and then scale down when you no longer need that additional capacity.

Top-notch security makes it easy for you to sleep at night. As businesses move systems to the cloud, security is a common concern. The reality is: Using a trusted cloud provider is more secure than managing servers on your own. Maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive data is critical to your business and ours, so our cloud platform is obsessively secure.

Security is a 24/7 effort at Genesys. Battle-tested with sophisticated tools, our information security program follows accepted system security principles designed to protect customer data. Our certifications include: PCI-DSS Level 1, SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR. And we’re in the process of becoming FedRAMP-certified. Our dedicated team of security and privacy experts has you covered.

A lighter workload makes it easy to prioritize strategic projects. When you offload maintenance and other day-to-day tasks to a cloud provider, you free up time for your IT and development teams to advance more strategic initiatives. We take care of all the infrastructure needed to give you a flexible, affordable cloud contact center.

With the lighter load, you have more time to focus on your team, your customers and your business — instead of your software and infrastructure.

These benefits of a cloud-based contact center solution give your business a competitive advantage. You’re positioned to respond faster to shifting markets, new competitors and changing customer expectations.

Find Harmony Through Radical Simplification With PureCloud

Built from the start to handle any channel, the PureCloud® application follows the conversation everywhere — turning calls, email, chats and social comments into a seamless conversation. It’s an all-in-one solution that provides a unified experience across all channels, eliminating the need for multiple systems and applications. It makes it easy to connect with your customers, empower your teams and understand your business.

It’s no wonder why PureCloud is among the fastest-growing SaaS platforms — businesses are turning to PureCloud to radically simplify the process of providing exceptional customer experience. Today, the PureCloud solution powers a billion conversations around the world, connecting more than 90,000 agents and handling billions of API calls each month.

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