Lap the Competition With a Modern Customer Experience

The Disney Pixar “Cars” movies follow racecar Lightning McQeen from hot-shot newcomer to racing icon. In the most recent film, champion McQeen finds himself competing with a whole new class of faster, more technologically advanced cars. And fans are thrilled watching these young speedsters and the new level of racing they bring to the track.

As other racing peers retire, McQeen persists. He tries to transform himself by following the same training regimen as the faster cars. But no training can negate the fact that his engine isn’t built like theirs. His legacy technology wasn’t designed to support the same capabilities as the new cars—and he can no longer give the racing fans what they’ve come to expect.

Companies of every size experience this dilemma: The technology that enabled them to delight their customers decades ago is now obsolete. Newer offerings leave companies unable to keep pace and force them to eat their competitors’ dust. And each leap in technology creates a jump in customer expectations. Capabilities that enable customers to engage with businesses in new and meaningful ways have become the standard; companies that don’t deploy these technologies find it difficult to compete.

Fortunately, companies don’t have to exit their respective “track” and hang up their tires. They can still compete like a customer experience champion.

Recently, I hosted the webinar “How a Contact Center Modernization Strategy Can Bridge the Troubled Waters of Legacy Infrastructure,” with guest speaker Melanie Turek, Vice President, Research for Frost & Sullivan. There, we discussed the challenges companies face when transforming their call center technologies to support the customer experience that consumers now expect. Audience feedback affirmed that getting started with a needs assessment often was the biggest challenge in moving forward. And challenges continue throughout the journey—from decision making to implementation to operation.

But companies that make the move to a modern contact center see significant benefits; there is a strong correlation between digital transformation and improved revenue and margin growth. For example, when Transat, A.T., Inc., a global tourism leader, unified their contact centers, they saw increased customer experience consistency and saved $1.8 million. And other companies, such as Sabre, TELUS, Bupa, and Vodafone, have used omnichannel solutions from Genesys to increase customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and business results.

If you’re stuck with aging technologies that can’t keep pace with current business demands, Genesys has a way forward. We understand that the move to a new technology isn’t a decision to take lightly. We have helped hundreds of companies gracefully transition from outdated technology to the modern, omnichannel offering that enables them to realize their customer experience vision.

Whether you’re ready to transform your entire environment into a seamless, omnichannel experience, or want to gradually migrate to a future-ready platform, Genesys can help you get on track and lap the competition. Learn more by watching the on-demand webinar or get started with a risk-free assessment.