Integrate Real-Time Predictive Engagement Into Your CRM and Martech Ecosystem

Collecting customer insights before, during and after an engagement makes a lot of sense in developing more meaningful customer interactions. Using a combination of real-time and historical data creates a powerful set of actionable insights. You can use these to personalize experiences, regardless of your use case.

In my last blog, I discussed how to work smarter, not harder with predictive engagement. I shared tips on how to actively shape online journeys for your prospects and existing customers.

How Predictive Engagement Works

Genesys Predictive Engagement is equipped with an easy-to-implement and standardized integration method called Webhooks. These broadcast that an action was taken on a server. This integration lets you send outgoing customer information or notifications to third-party systems like CRM, BPM or campaign management tools. The process reveals meaningful insights that enable better decision making about how to personalize your sales and service engagements across all interaction channels.

In the case of a known customer who logs in, you have many options. But even for first-time visitors or unidentified prospects, there’s a lot of data you can use. For example, capture what’s available through the browser or device type, the device ID, the stored cookies, the origination or referral links and so on.

Predictive engagement captures custom events from third-party systems, which trigger personalized engagements through an action map or preferred course of action. Use the action map to dynamically link events to actions.

During each engagement, bots or agents — or a combination of the two — capture a large amount of meaningful insight. These can be sent to a third-party marketing automation tool, for example, as a disposition code, and used to update a personalized campaign strategy.

By combining all of these key capabilities, you can:

  • Update in-house applications based on web visitor activity, such as a hotel booking system
  • Send notifications into marketing automation tools, for example, to re-target a customer or adjust promo code management

Predictive Engagement Drives the Ultimate in Personalization

Predictive engagement identifies prospects who have true interest in your products or services and show clear intent to buy. Detecting their moment of need for support or indecision can trigger the most effective engagement action – whether that’s a bot, a content offer, a human agent or a combination of these methods – to keep prospects on track.

The same technology helps you deliver the most-effective personalized support to all high-value customers, too. It prevents their churn and maximizes their lifetime value.

Deliver the right response, right engagement and right answer at the right moment, and improve the customer experience. Keep your sales engagement costs low with a flexible strategy that engages your valuable human agents only when it makes sense.

Learn how Genesys Predictive Engagement can improve your conversion rate — by up to 400% — and generate exceptional customer experiences. Visit to request a free trial.