Infographic: Driven to Satisfy

How iconic firms are driving customer satisfaction performance goals throughout their CX operations

Customer engagement has become part of operational strategies, and this evolution is led by iconic companies. In a recent briefing paper, Getting to Iconic, MIT Technology Review surveyed over 550 senior executives from some of the world’s top companies to identify what they have in common, including how they respond to the dual pressures of customer satisfaction performance goals and efficiency.

In our first infographic on the report findings, we looked at how iconic companies set themselves apart in the way they engage with customers. But as customers continue their journey, there’s a shift in focus for iconic companies. Customer satisfaction becomes much more of a driver than operational efficiency. In contrast, low-performing firms are a third more likely than Iconic firms to be driven primarily by efficiency for every stage other than customer service.

Explore this infographic, the second of four based on the study findings, and see how iconic companies set customer satisfaction goals throughout their CX operations—and why.

The Big Takeaways

1As customer journeys progress, customer satisfaction drives operational performance more than efficiency.

Once a customer service request escalates in iconic companies, the emphasis shifts from “pure” efficiency to effective issue resolution.

2Continue finding ways to use technology for the “high touch” end of the customer journey.

When transactional touchpoints drop off, iconic companies use automation technology to supplement and extend the capabilities of customer support teams. It’s not about simply replacing call center headcount.

Successful Companies Focus on Customers Over Efficiency

Download the MIT Technology Review paper. Take a deep dive into how iconic companies balance talent and technology to build customer relationships.