Improve Your Customer Experience with a Co-Browsing Solution

You’re surfing the web and your internet goes out, so you call your ISP. What’s the first thing they have you do? Restart your device. I actually keep a paperclip right next to the modem for just this situation. So, imagine my surprise when the last time I called, the agent told me to wait a moment while he restarted my device remotely. He pushed a button on his end, the lights blinked on my modem and I was back online. Just like that—my expectations were exceeded.

When customers experience issues, they want a solution and they want to feel like the agent relates to what they’re experiencing. Even when customers don’t know the technical jargon to describe what’s going on, you need to understand them.

A co-browsing solution can change the game. Co-browse augments voice and chat interactions with real-time screen sharing.

While developing co-browse, Genesys engineers created a tool that would transform confusing ordeals into easy exchanges. The goal was quite simple: Improve the way the agents and customers communicate. The result is a tool that enables agents to quickly and easily work with customers who chat or call for assistance—all under one PureCloud by Genesys roof.

Co-Browse Plants a Seed for Better Customer Experiences

Suppose that you sell trees that are greener and leafier than any others on the market. Because business keeps growing, you started offering online ordering.

Joe Customer, a longtime patron, is excited to try out the site. But he hits a snag when it comes time to order. A window appears asking if he needs help, and Joe accepts it. Right away, he is connected to Agent Kitty, who’s here to help.

Joe and Agent Kitty chat for a moment so that Agent Kitty can get a feel for the situation and decide how to help.Co-Browse Screenshot

Embarking on a Co-Browse Session

In this case, Agent Kitty asks to share Joe’s screen to identify the issue. She starts a co-browse session. Already, co-browse has provided the agent the ability to empathize with Joe.Co-Browse Screenshot

Protecting Private Information

As Agent Kitty assists Joe, she asks him to enter his credit card information. Agent Kitty assures Joe that the fields are masked, so she cannot see his credit card information. With this added sense of security, Joe feels confident about providing this sensitive information.Co-Browse Screenshot

Limber Transitions with Agent Control

Joe still feels overwhelmed by the site, so Agent Kitty offers to complete the form for him. To do this, Agent Kitty requests control of Joe’s screen. As Joe gives Agent Kitty control, she enters Agent Control Mode. Once in, she’s easily able to complete Joe’s order.Co-Browse Screenshot

Beyond the Chat Window

PureCloud co-browsing solution is not limited to chat; our tools are designed to work together seamlessly. The system’s underlying technologies enable communication on the customer’s terms.

If Joe calls for help to complete the order form, Agent Kitty still can see Joe’s screen. And, if necessary, she can take control of the process. Joe receives the best-in-class customer service experience—no matter which path he chooses.

See Co-Browse in Action

Want to see first-hand how co-browse improves agent and customer communications? Join us for a demo.