Imagine if… Technology could help protect millions of children from abuse

Imagine a world where all children are safe from abuse. While we might not be there yet, one charity in the UK is working hard to prevent abuse and to help those affected recover — with the support of the Genesys Multicloud CXTM application in its service centers.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is a leading UK charity that has helped more than 10 million children over its long history. It offers services for both young people and adults: Childline supports worried young people who have nowhere else to turn and a helpline for adults supports those who are worried about the welfare of a child or who have suffered historic abuse themselves.

The NSPCC relies heavily on volunteers. More than 1,300 part-time helpers keep these services running across 12 service centers.

Ensuring maximum availability of Childline and the NSPCC helpline services has always been a priority for the organization. However, before implementing a new Genesys application, it faced a number of challenges. For example, with call volumes rising, its aging IT infrastructure struggled to answer every call. Also, NSPCC couldn’t link case management, resource planning and other back-office systems.

Managing short-shift patterns, because of different service centers coming online at different times of the week, presented another challenge. And the charity wanted to offer young people the ability to communicate with their preferred tools. That required it to expand access by adding digital and social channels while still maintaining privacy.

Integration Across Channels and Tools

The NSPCC solution blends calls, email and webchat using the Genesys application, integrated with Zoom recording and Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications. The charity also invested in new online tools, like unified desktops and softphones, and made its website more user-friendly — all possible because of the new application.

The charity can now make more effective use of counselor capacity and can engage supervisors to handle high-risk contacts. The new solution also addresses the challenge of peak-period planning. Now, Genesys Workforce Management works behind the scenes, handling forecasting and scheduling, to ensure that NSPCC has the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Genesys Workforce Management also supports all communications channels and work items in its service centers. At NSPCC, statistics like volume and handle time are automatically available also help ops team create accurate forecasts and cost-effective workforce schedules.

Planning for the Future

Digital trends continue to place extra demands on NSPCC resources. For example, chat interactions account for nearly half of all contacts and typically last much longer than a call. So, the organization has to keep finding ways to drive efficiency.

An option under consideration is introducing Genesys voice analytics to boost quality assurance and training. The charity also plans to use the Genesys Multicloud CX application to enable home workers to deal with certain contact categories — something that would help attract new volunteers while freeing up counselors to deal with more serious cases.

In the future, the charity hopes to sense and intervene if a child is at risk. It’s exploring use cases for Genesys Altocloud predictive analytics, for example, to inform counselors that a child has been browsing bullying advice online. With that insight, a counselor could ask general questions like “How are things at school?” This drives the discussion down a path that might otherwise have been missed.

Delivering a Next-Generation Experience

As NSPCC and other organizations have found, the more channels you offer your customers, the more challenging it becomes to deliver a consistent, multichannel service level. Delivering next-generation customer experience in its service centers requires a true omnichannel platform.

Unlike multichannel solutions, or patching digital channels one by one into a legacy infrastructure, the purpose-built omnichannel solution from Genesys delivers the seamless, personalized experiences that help build your brand. And, as NSPCC has found, the solution integrates with critical systems, such as home-grown apps, CRM systems, ERPs and voice communications. This means you can always see where your customers are along their journeys.

Solutions built in the “voice-only” era often fail to deliver. Further, the statistical information necessary to forecast and schedule requires time-consuming manual work. It’s hard to deliver an excellent customer experience in such an environment.

To learn more about improving agent and customer experiences, read this tip sheet. And read the full NSPCC story online.