IGS Energy Q&A: Fueling the Customer Experience with Cloud

How customers want to engage with businesses is in constant flux. IGS Energy, which strives to meet its customers where they are, understands that. To be sure the US-based energy provider offers a world-class customer experience, Adam Luck, IT Director at IGS Energy, looked to the Genesys Cloud™ platform.

I recently spoke with Adam to learn more about the CX transformation at IGS Energy.

What is your current role and what does it entail?

Adam Luck: I’m one of the IT Directors at IGS Energy. The team and I are responsible for IT infrastructure, security and operations. Our purpose is to architect and sustain a scalable, secure and durable backend infrastructure to support an ever-growing organization through technological stewardship and exceptional interactions.

What were you using to manage your customer experience? Why did you choose Genesys?

Luck: We were using a legacy on-prem platform that was comprised of 10 different hardware/software solutions. We chose Genesys after an extensive RFP process and evaluation because it offered us a unified platform that could support our entire organization and scale along with the business.

Tell me about your current customer experience or contact center setup.

Luck: We’re leveraging Genesys Cloud to handle interactions between our customers and agents. Over time, I envision that Genesys will be further integrated into our in-house built CRM to provide our staff with a 360 view of all customer interactions.

What does CX mean to you? What’s your customer philosophy?

Luck: We think it’s important to ultimately “meet the customers where they are.” Our team wants to offer all of our customers a meaningful interaction, regardless of whether or not they choose phone, text, chat or email.

How has your approach to CX shifted over the past five years?

Luck: In the last five years, we’ve added new methods of communicating with our customers while consolidating the number of platforms we leverage for those interactions. Our intent is to simplify our systems and processes so that our team members can focus on providing world-class customer service.

How did you think your CX infrastructure or strategy will evolve over the next three to five years?

Luck: We anticipate a continued need to add communication channels while maintaining a 360 view of all these different customer interactions.

What challenges did the COVID-19 pandemic pose to your customer service and contact centers? How did you overcome them?

Luck: I’m incredibly proud of how our organization responded to COVID-19. In just a few days, our entire contact center shifted from working out of our corporate HQ to safely working from their homes. Technology was obviously a big part of how we were able to accomplish these goals. Although we were not a Genesys customer at that time, the experience highlighted the need for us to migrate to a cloud-based and scalable solution.