How to Prepare Your Contact Center for 2020

In the contact center business, you know how important it is to pay attention — and listen — to your customers. At Genesys, we know that value, too. So our Customer Advocacy team asked you to share thoughts on key topics as we roll into 2020, including takeaways from 2019, what you expect to be the next big things in 2020 and beyond, and tips to make sure your contact center is ready for what’s to come.

Below are some of your peers’ observations and advice.

Contact Center Channels Proliferated and AI Took Hold in 2019

Respondents highlighted artificial intelligence (AI), customer experience and increasing communications channels, among other topics, as key takeaways from last year.

“We learned about AI integration and how this can affect scaling the business to achieve our ambitious growth aspirations,” said one communications manager.

Multichannel was top of mind in 2019 for another demand/project manager, who stressed “the importance of more channels — and of personalizing how your customers can contact you.”

What’s Coming in 2020

It’s no surprise that some of the themes from 2019 will roll over into 2020 — and the areas where contact center leaders learned how to improve their businesses will be just important throughout this year.

Some of the next big things your peers anticipate permeating the contact center include AI, personalization and real-time authentication. AI and other automation technologies can help with all aspects of the customer journey — from authentication to personalization and beyond.

“AI is going to become even more important in the contact center,” said one CTO.

“I believe personalization via customer preferences will be the next big movement,” noted another respondent, an IT application database administrator.

Building genuine relationships and making each customer feel like you know them and are interested in them is critical to thriving in the customer service market. AI empowers you to do this by analyzing what you know about your customers, using those insights to understand them and then delivering the best possible experiences.

Authentication is a security measure that determines users are who they say they are. Providing a smooth, seamless authentication process can also improve the customer experience.

Preparing for Contact Center Success This Year

Based on what they learned in 2019 and their expectations for 2020, respondents also offered some tips on how to make the contact center the best they can be this year. And customer experience once again topped that list.

“Never stop looking for ways to improve your customers’ experience. All of the little improvements add up to make a big difference,” said one AT application database administrator.

“Understand what your customers expect from you in the next year,” advised another respondent.

Leveraging the best tools and technology is a good way to deliver reliable, delightful experiences. One business systems improvement manager noted, “Maximize technology to drive efficiencies.”

And a CTI and reporting lead advised to “always look to improve current processes — and, if needed, upgrade or replace old technology.”

The contact center space continues to be a dynamic, competitive landscape. Consider this advice from your peers and other contact center experts as you strive for continued success. And if you have questions about these or other topics, contact us and let us know how we can help.

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