Harmony with Artificial Intelligence: Build a Bot in Just Half a Day

I recently moved to Vienna, aka “Music City,” and I realized there are a few similarities between music and artificial intelligence.

Music without structure is just noise. But give it structure and it becomes melodious—an experience we can remember and enjoy. You can apply the same logic to artificial intelligence (AI). Structure and goals give AI meaning and purpose. Genesys provides the key to defining structure and business outcomes for AI to improve customer experience.

And you have a chance to experience this at our Build a Bot in Half a Day workshop.

Free, Hands-on Workshop to Build a Bot

Build your own functioning customer experience chatbot. Sessions are suitable for people in business operations, such as digital, omnichannel, customer service, sales, or marketing teams, as well as IT. No technical expertise is required.

In just four hours, you’ll get an overview of Genesys chatbot capabilities and dig into them to gain some hands-on experience. You’ll walk away with a personalized chatbot, which you can equip with various self-service options, such as authentication, identification and bill payment.

During the workshop, you’ll use Genesys Intelligent Automation, a powerful solution that gives non-technical users control over the management and configuration of their systems via a web-based interface. Don’t worry: Genesys solutions are friendly. They integrate and play well with third-party bots.

Do you wonder how it’s possible to build a functioning chatbot so quickly? Genesys offers more than 80 proven and pre-built microapps, such as order status, balance inquiry, and address capture, with a directed dialog capability that you can use across channels.

Experience the Genesys Advantage

Beyond learning how to create your own chatbot, the workshop also proves that AI isn’t as intimidating as you might have thought. For example, you can design an application in one channel and instantaneously deploy it across other channels. We make it easy for you to give your customers the best possible experience.

Join us for a fun, educational and productive workshop. Sign up today to Build a Bot in Half a Day.  You can also attend a breakout session at CX18. All you need to bring is your laptop, your creativity and your willingness to compose an AI masterpiece.