Great Listeners Make Great Contact Center Agents

This blog was co-authored by Genesys technology partner, Customer View.

In today’s contact centers, agents must serve customers on the customers’ terms by being great listeners to all conversations — whether they happen in voice channels, through bots on the web or via social media. According to Gartner, “By 2020, 50% of analytical queries will be generated via search, natural language processing or voice, or will be automatically generated.” Conversational analytics, which is closely tied to behavioral analytics, enables you to tap into customer insights, better serve customers and deliver the most competitive experience.

Conversational analysis uses a data analytics engine to capture conversions and make them searchable using keywords, trends and triggers. These insights include sentiment, social listening, trend spotting, compliance enhancement and greater personalization that scales to make every conversation great. Unlike other data analytics methods, conversational analytics collects, converts, stores, analyzes and delivers useful applications in real time.

With conversational analytics, you can view every step of the conversation as it’s happening and develop triggers and alerts based on parameters. It’s also possible to aggregate that data from thousands of conversations — every hour and every day. This enables you to understand, at a higher and more actionable level, how your customers respond to special offers, campaigns, product launches and more.

The potential of conversational analytics is unlimited. For example, by using artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing in an application, you can see exactly how many consumers interact with your products or services — and how positive (or negative) conversations are with the contact center. You also can tune offerings to get better results.

A business process outsourcing contact center leader can identify which agents are doing a great job and how delivering information to that agent — and others — will create an army of great listeners.

The CustomerView Customer Experience as a service, big data analytics platform, integrated with the Genesys® PureCloud®, PureConnectTM and PureEngageTM applications, can dramatically improve a large service provider’s ability to transform from a customer service organization — in the context of traditional contact center operations — to a great customer experience organization.

CustomerView conversational analytics integrates across all channels, giving you insight into all conversations, including voice, chatbots and voice-activated applications. Watch our video to learn more about how the platform works and how it works seamlessly alongside Genesys customer experience solutions. Visit CustomerView in the AppFoundry Marketplace, reach out via LinkedIn, or email here.