Global Streaming Service Optimizes Customer Experience With a High-Performing Contact Center

For many businesses, exceptional customer service is built into their DNA. Agents in the contact center are first-line representatives in these customer-first businesses — and that isn’t an easy task. Still, companies must create a high-performing contact center that keeps the customer at its heart.

When a new global video streaming service was preparing for launch in the fall of 2019, the company knew it would be vital for them to have their contact centers up and running on Day One to handle calls from families who had purchased their video-on demand streaming service. The company also knew that it wasn’t enough just to have call centers with trained, friendly agents in place. They also needed to have the tools to create an efficient workflow so that customers wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time on the phone. This efficient workflow process also had to work at scale.

Large-Scale Deployment for Genesys Softphones

With more than 800 agents and contact centers around the globe, the company’s first decision was to implement the Genesys Multicloud CXTM application as the robust backbone for the contact center. Genesys softphones were then put in place with an IVR system that collects caller information, such as products in use, preferred language and queue wait time before callers are passed on to an agent. For inbound contact centers, this ensures that the right agent is matched to the caller requirements, reducing internal transfers and increasing first-call resolution for customers.

Optimized for Efficient Customer Service

Customers appreciate a high-quality and efficient interaction when they call into a contact center. When InGenius connects the Genesys Multicloud CX product to ServiceNow Customer Service Management, call handle time decreases dramatically. InGenius identifies a consumer record based on caller ID, and automatically creates a new record with the consumer field populated with the matched record. Other call information like wait time, preferred language, streaming platform and ticket type also are populated automatically. This shortens each call and gives the company critical business metrics so that it can make informed decisions on routing, staffing and call drivers.

Adapting to Unique Workflows

InGenius can adapt to the unique workflow of every contact center. In this case, the contact center wanted to initiate a new Genesys screen recording session each time an agent answered or placed a call. This let the business provide training and support for their agents, ensuring only the best in customer service.

Through great teamwork, InGenius, Genesys and ServiceNow delivered the solution the agents needed to deliver world-class customer service on behalf of the video streaming service.

Before the contact center launch, the services selected were only a hypothetical solution to create a high-performing contact center. These preparations, however, resulted in a successful Day One launch for the global video streaming service, despite receiving five times as many calls as predicted. Since then, the number of agents has grown, and the company has realized the difference between a contact center that provides agents with just the tools they need to operate — and one that provides contact center solution tools to provide exceptional customer service efficiently.

Learn more about the Upland InGenius CTI solution for the Genesys Multicloud CX product and ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM systems by watching the video on the AppFoundry listing for InGenius Connector Enterprise.

This blog was co-authored by Katherine Burnett. Katherine is a Marketing Specialist at Upland InGenius, focused on content creation, social media strategy, email automation, and event management. Katherine graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) with a Marketing specialization. She has also held marketing roles at QNX Software Systems and Tech Data.