Get a Complete Picture of the Customer Journey in Genesys Predictive Engagement

Businesses that want to communicate with customers in the best moment — and through the right channels — must use customer data expertly. While options for customer data and communication tools are abundant, accessing, understanding and using it is a primary challenge for many businesses. According to Gartner, 50% of large organizations will have failed to unify engagement channels, resulting in the continuation of a disjointed and siloed customer experience that lacks context. ​

The main goal of the new customer experience visualization in Genesys Predictive Engagement is to provide contact center agents a complete picture of the customer’s journey. Customer experience visualizations help agents better understand — or grok— the customer with whom they’re interacting.



        • Understand (something or someone) intuitively or by empathy
          Ex: “The new customer experience visualization enabled the agent to quickly grok the customer’s needs.”
        • Empathize or communicate sympathetically; establish a rapport

Genesys Predictive Engagement now supports both web and voice channels, and integrates customer data from various CRM systems, marketing automation systems, and custom applications like shipping, loan underwriting and insurance applications. The new card view for Genesys Predictive Engagement allows agents to visualize the customer experience effectively, showing the customer journey with visual features that are specific to the communication channel or data presented.

Some new features in Genesys Predictive Engagement include the following.

Web sessions

The web session card view is a graphical representation of the customer’s digital journey on the web.  The journey may begin before the customer arrives on the company website, as with digital campaigns that lead customers to a company website. The view includes what customers are doing on the website in real time- pages viewed, web forms completed, items added to a shopping cart, abandoned forms and carts, searches, and more.

Web sessions

Conversation sessions

The conversation card view shows a summary and visualization of conversations between customers and agents. Conversations might be voice interactions and include call duration, IVR events, call abandons, dispositions and wrap-up codes, among other events.

Conversation sessions

Custom sessions

The custom session card visualizes events that occur in other systems. These custom session events are easily configured and could include items about shipping status, loan underwriting approval or any information that’s important to share with an agent to improve communication with a customer.

Custom sessions

Bringing It All Together to Grok Your Customers

The summary provided at the top of the Agent view shows Outcome Predictions and Segments.  It helps agents or reps understand, at a glance, the customer intent and any special groups identified based upon shared behavior and characteristics. Outcomes Predictions and Segments are observed dynamically in real time, rather than being based on static rules.

Agents or reps can expand and collapse each card. They can scroll up and down to see a visualization of customer data, behaviors, conversations, interactions, web visits and any predictions made over time. The ultimate goals of these visualizations are to grok the customer, which make agents smarter, customers happier and outcomes better.

Grok 2

The new version of Genesys Predictive Engagement improves your ability to deliver Experience as a ServiceSM, unifying engagement channels and leveraging more data. This results in a comprehensive view of the customer experience for truly empathetic communications.

Learn more about Genesys AI and Genesys Predictive Engagement. And take a tour today to learn how AI can power more personalized customer experiences in your contact center.