Genesys and Microsoft Extend CX Value Across the Enterprise


One of the strengths of being human is being able to connect through empathy. Showing empathy means we listen and try to understand someone before acting.

With digital customer interactions nearly doubling — from 36% to 58% in just six months at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic — delivering empathetic customer experiences might seem impossible.

The customer experience (CX) isn’t bound by a single digital engagement, a single channel or a single point in time. Earning and building relationships with customers spans all their interactions, over time with every part of the organization — from facilitating simple everyday tasks through a voice or chatbot as part of an IVR, to ushering the customer through more complex interactions with a team of experts using a network of systems and applications.

Genesys helps companies create end-to-end customer experiences that are personalized and empathetic through our cloud contact center solutions. Each journey, no matter how simple or complex, can be orchestrated with empathy by bringing the CX ecosystem together to tap into all forms of data.

Genesys Multicloud CX Integration with Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform

With our partnership with Microsoft — a leader in cloud infrastructure and services, and enterprise business applications — Genesys Multicloud CX™ customers can extend value across the enterprise and create a CX strategy that delivers continuous innovation for their brands.

The Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform makes it easy for our Genesys Multicloud CX customers who rely on core Microsoft investments to connect these applications, create insights from all types of customer and interaction data, and apply artificial intelligence (AI) to create a connected customer experience.

Delivering Better Customer Experience with Genesys Multicloud CX and Microsoft

Genesys Multicloud CX is the first enterprise contact center platform on Microsoft Azure. It integrates with Microsoft Business Applications, including Dynamics 365 and Teams, as well as the powerful conversational AI from Nuance – which are integral and independently adoptable components of the Digital Contact Center Platform.

The Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform brings this unified ecosystem of solutions together to provide Genesys Multicloud CX customers with many opportunities to improve their CX, including understanding intent and providing context about current and previous interactions; coordinating engagement between frontline agents and back-office workers to resolve inquiries at speed; and delivering proactive personalized service by creating unified customer outreach strategies that are automated and linked to operational processes.

“As a longstanding partner of Microsoft, Genesys continues to deliver contact center innovation for our joint customers,” said Charles Lamanna Corporate Vice President, Business Applications and Platform, Microsoft. “The openness of the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform enables deep integration with Genesys Multicloud CX to serve companies with a modern and customer-friendly contact center experience.”

Addressing the Complex CX Ecosystem

Many companies struggle to manage a complex and fragmented CX technology landscape. In fact, companies use 9,932 marketing technology (Martech) solutions as part of CX.

This includes everything from web, mobile, voice and chat to advertising, promotion and interactive content, to social media apps, contact centers, CRM and unified communications systems. The list also includes automated AI and natural language solutions, data and management solutions, as well as business and customer intelligence and analytics solutions.

Many of these systems and applications operate on-premises and have deeply embedded workflows that are crucial — often unique — to a brand’s customer experience. Others operate in the cloud — public, private or a mix. Some are managed at an enterprise level while others operate at a business unit level. Some support multiple languages or have strict industry or regulatory requirements.

This complexity and fragmentation stands in the way of creating the connected and empathetic experiences customers want. Solving this challenge is only possible when systems and applications are designed with interconnections in mind.

Genesys Multicloud CX™ on Azure fits the unique business, cloud infrastructure and CX ecosystem requirements for the most complex Microsoft customers through pre-built integrations, APIs, service experts and a growing network of global partners.

  • Companies can create consistent and more natural experiences in self-service and agent-assisted engagements by integrating Nuance conversational AI. These journeys are easily created and managed within Genesys Multicloud CX, giving non-technical users the power to detect and remove friction in minutes.
  • Connecting Genesys Multicloud CX with Dynamics 365 and Teams allows companies to improve workflows in case management, field service and claims processing by providing relevant data and information to the individuals who are engaging with the customer and tools to effectively follow through.
  • Self-service and automation aren’t only for inbound inquiries. Introduce proactive outreach into your operational processes to orchestrate the entire experience. Use Genesys Multicloud CX outbound capabilities in combination with Dynamics and Power Platform to automate unified notifications across digital and voice and enhanced with AI support – proactively notify customers and employees through the channel of their choice.

Genesys Multicloud CX on Azure powers a company’s global efforts across business units from a single solution while adhering to local data governance requirements, user access controls, and powerful resiliency and disaster recovery.

We continue to work with companies around the world to help them break free from the status quo — moving CX applications to the cloud at a pace that suits their business needs and drives long-term value.