Genesys and Google Team to Drive the World’s Most Powerful AI Experiences

The most successful sports teams are made of players who are on the same wavelength—they play to each other’s strengths and create little bits of magic that take their teams from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Technology partnerships operate in much the same way.

The recent partnership between Genesys and Google combines leadership in customer engagement with leadership in machine learning to create magic. This teamwork lets you turn ordinary customer experiences into extraordinary ones for better business outcomes.

Driving Real Business Outcomes

Imagine that the Google speech recognition artificial intelligence (AI) engine enables organizations to increase recognition rates by 5%. At 50,000 calls per day, that equates to 2,500 calls where an intent could be recognized. Now, let’s assume that 50% of those 2,500 calls could be automated based on relevant intent. That means we could deflect 1,250 calls per day from the contact center. Based on the average cost of a voice call of $15, the total savings for the day would be $18,750. That’s a yearly savings of $6.8 million. And this is significant, not just in terms of cost savings, but also for the 2,500 people who had a better customer experience because their intents were recognized.

Delivering Benefits Across the Entire Customer Journey

AI doesn’t just apply to automation and it’s not just resigned to one part of the customer journey. Use cases such as Genesys predictive routing and agent-assisted services enable organizations to turn disconnected customer experiences into seamless ones at a fraction of the cost to differentiate them from their competition.

Speed to Market and Agility Is Key to Customer Experience Improvements

Historically, implementing bot technology in IVR and text-based systems has been time intensive and required extensive fine-tuning. However, it still failed to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Services like Genesys predictive routing, with tighter integration to the Google Contact Center AI, mark a shift in how AI technology is being applied to everyday customer interactions. Both Genesys and Google are excited to showcase the latest developments in an ongoing battle between convenience and technology to create world-class, leading-edge AI experiences that drive more benefits for our customers.

  • Better quality: Google Cloud Contact Center AI adds state-of-the-art voice recognition to Genesys-powered customer experiences. This helps increase self-service success rates, creates a more personalized and dynamic customer experience, and reduces the cost to serve. These combined technologies also increase agent capacity and efficiency by perfectly matching the right employee with the right customer using Genesys AI-driven predictive routing.
  • Faster time to market: Training for the Google Cloud Contact Center AI is straightforward and features chat and email transcripts from the Genesys omnichannel platform. You can embed voice and chatbots within the agent desktop to provide amazing customer experiences that bring automation to every interaction. This helps speed up time to value for customer deployments and leverages existing investments.
  • Greater flexibility: Our vision is to provide customers with the best customer experience using the industry’s leading Blended AI solution on the market, combining the most advanced AI technologies from Genesys and Google. We’re committed to providing our customers with the right choices to mix and match vendors to meet their needs—without being locked into a single vendor, technology or ecosystem.

If you are a Genesys customer and you want to be part of this new Genesys and Google AI self-service revolution, you can register to be an early adopter for Genesys Blended AI with Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI.