Gartner Suggests Bridging Organizational Silos to Unify the Customer Experience

Providing a unified customer experience is extremely difficult when technology and organizational silos exist. These silos are usually based on business function, product, geography, channels or other segmentation—all of which can create irreconcilable issues.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word irreconcilable as “so different that agreement is not possible.” As an application leader responsible for customer experience, you’re all too familiar with maintaining agreement among initiatives that cross organizational silos. And you’re not alone. “Through 2020, more than 25% of enterprises seeking to achieve a unified omnichannel customer engagement will encounter irreconcilable people, political or organizational issues,” according to the recent Gartner report “Tackle Technological, Organizational and People Barriers to Achieve Unified Omnichannel Customer Engagement.”

On the technology side, each silo has its own systems, processes, and data. On the organizational side, these silos are large, protected and multidimensional. Often, the incentives and reward structures under which these silos operate ensure separation of interest.

The struggle to champion change across organizational silos can make you feel as if you’re building a bridge across the Grand Canyon. In an era where customer experience reigns supreme, companies that permit silo owners to operate independently of the overall customer experience risk getting lost in the chasm.

As an IT leader, it’s tempting to look for a technology solution to this problem. But that’s a mistake. Instead of attempting to break down the technology and organizational silos, Gartner suggests that companies bridge those silos.

At Genesys, we have helped thousands of companies successfully build bridges that unify their customer experiences. And we can help you, too. Here’s how:

  1. Imagine a unified customer experience without technical barriers and organizational silos.
  2. Assess underlying technology and organizational challenges to unify the customer experience.
  3. Facilitate communication, collaboration and thought leadership among silo owners.
  4. See breakthroughs happen before your eyes, as bridges are forged with the common goal to unify the customer experience.

Schedule your free on-site assessment workshop to get started. We’ve created a simple program that gives you a way forward. And read the complimentary Gartner report “Tackle Technological, Organizational and People Barriers to Achieve Unified Omnichannel Customer Engagement” for additional insights on bridging silos in your organization.