Fueling Innovation with Partnerships

The way that a company approaches strategic partnerships is the difference between market leaders and market followers. In the last twelve months, our strategic partnerships all have something in common. Our partners are innovative, market leading, worldclass companies that work together with Genesys to improve each other’s ability to deliver greater value at scale for customers across the globe. Today’s announcement with Infosys fits that pattern perfectly. 

Introducing Infosys and Genesys 

The new five-year agreement with Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing, and next-generation services is yet another proof-point that we’re executing on our promise to customers: to provide the latest technology, care, support and customer experience capabilities they need to realize our vision of Experience as a Service. This is the key for organizations of any size and complexity to take an empathy-first approach to customer experience, which is now more important than ever. 

It’s why we’re rolling out new capabilities at record-pace, like our new multicloud architecture, and partnering with industry leaders like MicrosoftGoogle CloudAWSAdobe, Zoom and now Infosys at breakneck speed. These partnerships are critical for us to advance the delivery of cloud-based innovations to benefit customers across our portfolio, including those leveraging on-premises solutions. 

Imagining the future with Infosys and Genesys 

Driving new capabilities and advantages for Genesys customers is at the root of every partnership we forge, and our relationship with Infosys is no exception. As a part of the agreement, Infosys will position Genesys contact center solutions as its lead customer experience offering. In addition, Infosys will leverage and support product developmentcloud operations, and product support for Genesys PureConnect. 

As a market leader with a reputation for operational excellence and 95% customer retention rate, Infosys adds capabilities to Genesys, which will propel advantages for businesses currently leveraging the Genesys PureConnect solution.

Previewing the biggest release ever of PureConnect 

By partnering with Infosys to deliver operational excellence at scale, Genesys can focus on accelerating product innovation, release cycles, and enhanced capabilities across our product portfolio. What this means for Genesys PureConnect customers is faster access to innovation.  For example, the second half of 2020 will bring new Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) innovation to Genesys PureConnect with the initial release of our hybrid WEM cloud service.  This is just the first in a series of innovative hybrid cloud services that we have planned for Genesys PureConnect, with new artificial intelligence and digital capabilities in the pipeline. As we continue to define product strategy and roadmap, Infosys assumes responsibility for developing, delivering, and supporting enhancements. And together, we jointly partner to develop, then bring to market, the solutions our mutual customers need to differentiate their service experience. 

The best partnerships complement each company’s strengths, while bringing unique capabilities that neither company had from the start. Our journey ahead with Infosys provides the key capabilities we need to support all our customers’ requirements today, while helping them prepare for tomorrow. This partnership is great for both companies and creates a future that customers everywhere should be excited about!