Five Must-Read Blogs for Modernizing Your Contact Center in 2018

Whether you plan to curl up with cocoa on your couch or fly home for the holidays, this season is a great time to catch up on reading and contact center industry news. It’s also an important time to think about your business plans for the coming year.

We’ve pulled together some of our most visited and shared blog posts from 2017. As you reflect on the year’s accomplishments and contemplate what’s ahead, this collection of customer experience articles will prepare you for all the opportunities and successes that 2018 promises.

Macro Benefits of Microservices

Macro Benefits of Microservices

What does Mozart have in common with Genesys PureCloud? Spoiler alert: It’s not prodigious piano playing. This article compares an orchestra and its components to all the advantages of using a call center solution built on a microservices architecture. Increased scalability, reliability and flexibility? It’s music to our ears. Read the blog.



Is Your Contact Center Solution Keeping You in the Dark?

Going cloud raises several concerns. If you’re worried about uptime, system failures and their impact, you’re not alone. But a move to cloud doesn’t mean you’ll lose visibility into your infrastructure. Learn what to look for when evaluating vendors, and gain confidence to move to the cloud. Read the blog.



If You’re Using CRM Without Omnichannel, You’re Doing It Wrong

CRM without Omnichannel is Messy

A CRM system is a great business tool. But it’s not purpose-built for customer engagement. If you need to service customers on a variety of channels, want to measure your call center performance in real time, or require advanced ACD routing, it’s time to pair your CRM system with a contact center solution. Find out how to leverage CRM data in powerful ways via seamless integrations. Read the blog. 


PureCloud and Amazon Lex Power Next-Gen Conversational Experiences

Everyone’s excited about the potential that artificial intelligence (AI) has to transform how we do business, but where it best fits into the contact center isn’t always clear. This article introduces AI as a practical and effective addition to your IVR solution. Learn how to use an Amazon Lex bot for natural language processing (NLP), and start providing a conversational self-service experience for your customers. Read the blog.



Can Launching a Cloud Contact Center Really Be That Easy?

easy cloud contact centerWhen considering adopting a new contact center solution, you might be worried it’ll take technical chops and a ton of time. But what if your solution was so simple to deploy, your interns could do it for you? In this article, discover how one business utilized a team of interns to install and configure an omnichannel offering—in just two days!  Read the blog.

We hope this reading list inspires you as you continue to inspire us. Happy holidays from all of us at Genesys PureCloud, and best wishes in the new year!