FedRAMP-Authorized Solution Helps Government Agencies Securely Move to the Cloud

We set our sights on United States FedRAMP authorization quite some time ago. While the process to achieve the FedRAMP stamp of approval is long and thorough, we’re proud to have completed the journey, which is a testament to the security of the Genesys Multicloud CX™ solution. Together with our partner, MAXIMUS, the leading provider of government services worldwide, we can help even more federal, state and local agencies modernize their contact centers so they can deliver the best customer experiences possible.

The partnership gives organizations yet another cloud option for the Genesys Multicloud CX solution: the MAXIMUS Genesys Engagement Platform. Using this scalable, FedRAMP-authorized cloud contact center platform, agencies can connect conversations with customers across voice, email, text, chats, messaging and social media for more personalized customer experiences.

Today, government agencies know their constituents want customer service to be easy, intuitive and available anytime, through any device. While many are challenged to deliver that type of service, 65% say it’s a priority. And now, they’re facing new obstacles as they try to balance the uncertainty that COVID-19 has presented. In recent weeks, government agencies have been overwhelmed with requests for information and help from constituents while finding ways to enable their employees to work from the safe confines of their homes. If ever there was a time when agencies need to prioritize building and maintaining citizens’ trust and better connect with them, it’s now.

Overcoming Obstacles to Enable Remarkable Customer Experiences

Even before the global health crisis, agencies were under pressure to provide customer experiences that compare to, or exceed, that of leading private sector organizations. However, that’s a larger challenge than you might think. In fact, the 2019 Forrester US Federal Customer Experience Index shows 80% of federal agencies’ customer experience scores are poor or very poor. Why? For starters, many are burdened with cumbersome legacy systems that devour resources, aren’t easy to scale up, and don’t readily support remote work. They operate in departmental silos that hinder communication and limit their view of the customer journey. IT security gaps that can threaten data safety are also common.

Most agencies agree that the best way forward is moving to the cloud. In fact, a recent report from GovLoop, a government knowledge network, shows that 43% of agencies surveyed said they could offer better customer experiences or citizen services after moving to the cloud.

While there seems to be a consensus that cloud is the way forward, limited in-house cloud knowledge, a lack of funding and — most importantly — security concerns often hold agencies back. Extra-sensitive government and citizen data require rigorous security measures that go beyond what commercial cloud users might need. Agencies that fail to meet these standards can put information at risk and quickly damage citizen trust.

A New, Secure Path to the Cloud

Fortunately, these agencies now have the option to choose a cloud solution that’s both highly secure and robust enough to handle even the most complex customer experience requirements. The MAXIMUS Genesys Engagement Platform is an important addition to the FedRAMP marketplace, which previously offered agencies very few options with limited features.

Agencies now can select the industry’s most feature-rich omnichannel contact center solution with enterprise-grade capabilities, including world-class intelligent routing, real-time contextual journeys, tools for digital transformation, and more. The MAXIMUS Genesys Engagement Platform ends agencies’ dependency on costly hardware and gives them the flexibility, scalability, and rapid innovation without upgrades and maintenance. It also makes it easier for agencies to adopt artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation applications so they can build stronger connections with the citizens they serve.

Partnering with FedRAMP-authorized cloud providers, MAXIMUS and Genesys, allows agencies to shift their focus from security to what matters most: taking care of citizens.

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