Experience as a Service: Turning Strategy Into Customer and Business Benefits

Great customer experience starts with people; it’s not enough to simply innovate and deliver with leading contact center solutions. Empathy is also a critical component in creating exceptional customer experiences and engaging customers in personalized and differentiated ways. This all creates trusted connections and loyalty — customers feel remembered, heard, understood and, most importantly, valued.

In previous articles, we’ve discussed different factors of moving to the cloud, including the road to artificial intelligence (AI), customer experience in the cloud, migrations and change management. In this article, I’m excited to explain how Genesys helps companies around the world define Experience as a ServiceSM — and how we’re leading with a suite of consulting services to deliver this.

We’ve deployed thousands of customer experience solutions over the years and understand that a common denominator for a successful contact center is being able to manage customer journeys. Exceptional customer experiences leverage a 360-degree view of the customer, delivering interactions at the right moments. Cloud technology enables you to accelerate innovations to better manage these customer journeys.

To deliver on this, our consulting teams have seen an increase in services associated with business change and innovation. We’re investing in these three key areas — data, AI and engagement tools — to help you define strategy and deliver Experience as a Service.


Customer interactions create a wealth of data, whether it’s from voice or digital engagements, AI and behavioral data, or CRM data from integrated solutions. To deliver empathetic experiences, allowing customers to feel known and understood, you need to be able to use this data. Better still, improving employee engagement with data-driven insights will help create more personalized business-to-customer interactions.

Genesys understands that data is a critical piece that enables your employees to engage with customers in the right way, demonstrating empathy and offering personalized experiences, being empowered by data and tools to act.

Artificial Intelligence

To effectively manage and use data to improve the customer experience, you need AI tools that create real-time insights that inform personalized interactions at crucial moments. AI empowers you to better understand customer interactions across various channels to support activity in marketing, sales and service.

You can use AI-driven interactions to interpret, predict and recommend the next optimal action based on a customer’s preference. Genesys Predictive Engagement tools, for example, allow you to understand and influence the journey in real time, so you can proactively improve business outcomes. In addition, bots help customers easily navigate a certain path and, where appropriate, bring the interaction to a human-driven engagement with a contact center agent. When properly integrated into your business processes and customer treatment strategies, AI becomes a critical tool for creating truly personalized engagements.

Engagement Tools

Key moments of truth, those that define the customer experience and outcome, are those that occur between the end customer and the brand through marketing, sales and service. We have the data to allow us to make Customers feel known and valued.  We have the AI-powered insights to make their intent and needs heard. By bringing this together we able to empower the delivery of a more empathetic experience.

By using engagement tools, along with Genesys best practices, your company can define and optimize customer segments and treatment strategies. Not only will you leverage the right engagement methods, channel preferences, marketing, sales or service journey, you’ll also know the path your customer traveled to get to you — and you’ll have an understanding of what they need most.

These tools deliver the relevant context to address customer needs — sometimes before they even contact you — to provide personalized experiences that are rooted in empathy.

Our services portfolio is designed to help you use the full Genesys solution capability and execute on Experience as a Service:

  • Business consulting aligns business models to capture customer, transactional and behavioral treatment strategies, and then make necessary changes to effectively reach your business objectives.
  • Delivery services leverage the wealth of data available using AI, deliver campaign plans, leverage third-party and CRM data through API integrations, provide reporting and analytics, and use enablement tools to align to these capabilities.
  • Operational services ensure you realize benefits and continue on a productive path, whether it’s by managing end-to-end capabilities, providing optimization services like AI performance turning or introducing new services.

At Genesys, we’re passionate about helping you engage with your customers in a way that provides fantastic experiences. Leveraging the capabilities of Genesys solutions empowers you to deliver those contextually rich and  personalized moments, so you can show customers they’re understood and appreciated. To learn more, contact us today.