Engaging Contact Center Agents Beyond the Numbers

Getting the best from your contact center agents might start with displaying vital information about performance, but it doesn’t end there. To achieve the best results, you need a holistic approach that engages employees with KPI data points and culture-building messages that reinforce their importance to the company.

Finding meaningful work that contributes to a positive company culture is very important to the modern employee. By infusing new employee training with company culture—and tying their roles as call center employees into the bigger picture of the business—agents better understand how their work affects their co-workers and why it matters.

Call center employees are on the front lines of a business; they can make a significant impact on a customer’s perception of a company. Communicating that their jobs are meaningful keeps employees engaged and productive—and that leads to a more profitable company in the long term.

Create Agent Communication With an Impact

If you want your agents to behave in a certain way, delivering data that matters to them is vital to not only the health of your business but also the overall morale of your contact center. One way to achieve this is through a centralized platform—a platform-agnostic and versatile content management system (CMS) that enables individuals to publish content across a range of channels, including mobile apps, intranets, physical screens in offices, social media and desktops widgets. Information must be targeted and relevant to reach employees in the format they use most.

The most effective messages are consistent and easy to consume—no matter where employees encounter them. If your organization uses a traditional intranet portal but wants to push the content to multiple endpoints, they should use a platform that integrates data seamlessly. Beyond that, ensure that employees see and act upon the message.

Which channel will have the most effective messaging varies by employee. By using a CMS platform with built-in analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), you can engage an employee through their preferred channel—all seamlessly automated and based on your preferences and historical response rate. Combine technology that can send messages on multiple platforms with key messaging strategies to improve the odds your communications will have an effect.

Drive Measurable Action

It’s important that employees feel compelled to act on the messaging they receive from internal communications. An effective way to do this is to apply user segments for tagged content to create personalized messaging. In an advanced CMS, platform tags can include roles, channels, team, geography, department and more.

When you need a specific response from employees, a personalized message on the company’s communication hub that’s sent to employees’ smartphones likely will be more effective than traditional digital signage or an intranet message. Employees want to see content that will affect them directly; you need to be able to share content that is specific and relevant.

Engage Agents Beyond KPIs

It’s important to communicate company messages effectively so they reach all employees, including remote employees as well as the in-office group. Using a cross-platform communications strategy with mobile and desktop applications ensures all employees feel in the loop with important corporate information.

Aside from considering how to portray company messages to employees, it’s critical to strategize the message content itself. All agent communications should be relevant and inspire employees; this can include company news and updates and can showcase company accomplishments. Relevant content will reduce overloading employees, keeping them more engaged and more likely to read company messages.

By leveraging intelligent contact center solutions, you can learn the most effective ways to communicate with employees based on their activities. See how Genesys AppFoundry partner RMG Networks leverages an enterprise-class communication platform to help contact center managers engage, retain and boost agent productivity. Watch their short on-demand webinar Take Contact Center Agent Engagement Beyond the Data.