Elevate Contact Center KPIs and Dashboards to the Executive Level

There’s no silver bullet for measuring how effectively a contact center is at achieving its operational goals. Industry vertical and customer need factors come into play. And analyzing these factors using contact center KPIs— a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a contact center achieves its key business objectives—is a great start. But to define and measure a KPI, you first need access to relevant, underlying data.

Fortunately, data is plentiful. There’s a wealth of data available these days from various platforms and systems. However, it’s often locked down and isolated in its presentation. You can have the best contact center solution in the world, yet it only presents you with siloed contact center-specific dashboards and reports.

It’s critical to know where your organization’s sales, product, ticketing, and headset data is stored, and how to access, aggregate and correlate it with your contact center data. You want to create contact center KPIs that span multiple data sources and provide better insights into what is happening in your contact center. And, with the right tools, you can.

So many supervisors, managers, and decision-makers measure effectiveness and efficiency in their contact center using a one-dimensional KPI such as SLA or average speed of answer (ASA). In most cases, these contact center KPIs don’t fully represent the company’s business objectives or organizational goals; they only give one side of the story. However, there’s much richer and deeper data available. And, in most cases, this rich and deep story hasn’t been told or visualized—until now.

Within our growing customer base, eMite sees some remarkable visual storytelling. One customer who runs an outbound sales contact center KPIs uses “agent revenue per minute of talk time” and “number of sales per call” to provide engagement and motivation to their sales teams. Their contact center dashboards include gamification elements that correlate contact center data with Salesforce data to increase agent efficiency and effectiveness.

Another customer cares deeply about customer experience. Call quality is of utmost importance to them, so they correlate acoustic incident data from their agent’s headsets with customer survey results. This enables them to identify issues around agent over talk, unusual mute times or even rogue agents who disconnect their headsets to pretend there is a fault on the line. As a result, they have experienced increased customer satisfaction because of the insights they have into how their acoustic data correlates with their customer survey data.

My favorite example is an eMite customer who runs an IT service desk. They created their own in-house contact center score—a single metric that is a product of several different KPIs, each with its own weight, such as SLA, ASA, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and ticket resolution time. This is all correlated to provide a single number that ranges from 0 to 10 for each of their contact center queues. They use this single number to run their whole service desk operations, and it’s the only number that matters to them. To have such understanding into their contact center operations is remarkable, but to have the ability to calculate this complex contact center score on-the-fly and in real-time is priceless.

Having a next-generation business intelligence (BI) platform like eMite, which enables real-time visualization of correlated data from multiple sources, allows these organizations to elevate their contact center KPIs and dashboards to the executive level. Contact center dashboards now are organizational dashboards—and they’re being viewed throughout the business and up to the C-level.

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This blog post was co-authored by Stephen Irecki, Director, Global Customer Operations at Prophecy International, on behalf of eMite. eMite is a subsidiary of ASX listed Prophecy International Holdings Limited (ASX: PRO). The eMite operational intelligence platform combines analytics, correlation, capacity, performance, availability, and KPI management into a single, out of the box solution to provide customers with real time insight.