Ease Your Anxiety: Move off Premise with PureConnect Cloud

Just about everyone agrees that managing the customer experience is critical to business success, yet it’s still a challenge. What were once simple infrastructures have grown into complex and disjointed ecosystems incapable of delivering truly personalized and cost-effective customer engagement.

Evolving off old technology creates a lot of anxiety, even when there’s great potential in modern solutions. That anxiety is common when moving from premise to cloud. But there’s no future in outdated systems that are not up to the job of providing a seamless customer experience. Along with system instability, voice-centric PBX/ACD call center platforms were never intended to support omnichannel engagement. And an outdated infrastructure can’t give you the competitive advantages of using customer insights as revenue-generating opportunities. Still unsure?

Go Cloud but Keep the Same Feature Set

It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing choice. PureConnect Cloud dramatically reduces negative disruption to existing contact centers that move from premise to the cloud, in part because there’s no rip-and-replace requirement. Agents work with customer engagement applications that look and feel the same, familiar and now unified onto a single desktop. No need for premise-to-cloud retraining, which translates into direct cost savings. With the same feature set, it’s also a seamless transition for customers as you move between premise and cloud.

As an all-in-one omnichannel solution, PureConnect Cloud enables a consistent customer experience using a single queue for any interaction type—on the channel customers choose. Its customer-centric routing capabilities were one of the reasons that technology company, Phillips, made the move to PureConnect Cloud.

Modernize at Your Own Pace

All-in-one doesn’t mean all at once. With PureConnect Cloud, you can add communication channels—digital, unified messaging, PBX features—at your own pace. In addition to giving you maximum flexibility to grow when you’re ready, it uses a simplified pricing model designed with similar flexibility to support a dynamic business model. For example, seasonality is an issue for many contact centers. Don’t want to be locked into a single price and scale year-round? During holidays, you can easily add agents then reduce seats afterwards for the best possible financial outcomes.

Another “modernize as you go” feature: the easy-to-configure IVR lets you create call flows and messages when needed – without help from IT. And for more complex call flows, there’s access to built-in speech recognition capabilities. Finally, callback is a great option for mobile customers who don’t want to wait on the phone listening to hold music.

Face the Anxiety and Reap the Rewards of PureConnect Cloud

This massive streamlining of your infrastructure and maintenance with PureConnect Cloud gives you more control while reducing risks. Its unified, customer experience architecture eliminates all the multiple integrations and the points of failure that drive up cloud migration anxiety. It also has inherent disaster recovery abilities and multi-site independence.

Don’t let fear of a modern new contact center slow down your move to a more flexible and cost-effective infrastructure. Consider the advantages PureConnect Cloud brings to your agents, and how much better an experience you’ll deliver to your customers.

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