Early Access to PureCloud Bring Your Own Carrier Cloud Available

Genesys is pleased to announce a targeted beta program that gives select customers the ability to test new Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) Cloud functionality. Genesys PureCloudTM BYOC Cloud enables you to define SIP trunks between the PureCloud media tier resources in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and third-party devices or services over the public internet. This capability brings a new level of flexibility and interoperability to the PureCloud suite of voice services.

Key Points:

  • New PureCloud trunking service enables you to create efficient and cost-effective telephony plans by leveraging local carriers and defining outbound routes for various number classifications.
  • Customer-managed SIP trunks connect to SIP carriers or IP PBX devices over the internet; no on-premises hardware is required.
  • Simple administration of PureCloud BYOC Cloud trunks within the telephony administration user interface.

PureCloud BYOC Feature Overview

PureCloud BYOC Cloud allows for customer-defined SIP trunks over the public internet, bringing the speed and agility of the cloud to business communications.

Previously, if you wanted to leverage your own carrier relationships or integrate with a third-party device, such as a PBX, you had to invest in and deploy on-premises hardware devices. These Edge devices handled externally facing SIP connections to telephony systems, such as PSTN carriers, IP PBX devices and more. While on-premises Edge devices allow for a high degree of flexibility, they also require upfront investment, upkeep and lifecycle management— factors that can compete with the benefits of a cloud solution.

PureCloud BYOC Cloud Trunks

Customers can define SIP trunks between PureCloud media tier resources in AWS and third parties over the public internet. These PureCloud BYOC Cloud trunks connect to any SIP-compliant carrier or device, which can be reached via a public IP address over the internet (e.g., a cloud-based carrier, a cloud-based IP PBX or an on-premises device exposed through a firewall). PureCloud BYOC Cloud trunks give you a complete cloud solution that is easily deployed and quick to scale.

Configuration Wizard

Users with the appropriate permissions can create PureCloud BYOC Cloud trunks in the Telephony Administration section of the PureCloud interface. Configuration wizards are provided for the most common types of connections to simplify the creation process.


PureCloud BYOC Cloud is priced with a carriage fee of $0.0025 per telco minute. Telco minutes include ACD, business-user voice calls and IVR minutes; they’re based on 1/10th-of-a-minute intervals and rounded up to the nearest 1/10th of a minute.

The PureCloud BYOC Cloud beta program will be available to a limited number of customers who meet certain criteria. Beta candidates must have PureCloud Voice organizations based in the US-East region and be willing to place or receive a minimum number of calls through BYOC trunks for the duration of the beta. If you’re interested in early access, email alan.lanteigne@genesys.com by February 2, 2018.