Driving Customer Experience Through the Agent Experience

Customer Experience is the new contact center metric, gaining focus not just in the contact center, but also in the boardroom.

Customers who have a positive experience are more likely to become repeat customers, who in turn share their experience in conversation and more widely via social media.  Several statistics suggest that a consumer will tell twice as many people about a bad experience than they would a good one.  But who in an organization is responsible for CX?  The answer is not directors, or managers, or even the CX Expert who is freelance consulting to map the customer journey.  The true heroes of CX, and with ultimate responsibility are your agents, the soldiers on the front line of your customer service offering.

We spend a large portion of our life working, and generally plan our lives around the work schedule, with recent data from the BLS suggesting that we now spend more time working than we do sleeping by as much as an hour a day, so ensuring Agent Quality of Life is even more important.

Whilst there are common challenges, the biggest obstacles faced by companies tend to be unique to that organization – a result of the mix of different touchpoints, business processes, and technologies

In a poll of enterprise contact centers, Deloitte found that 82% view customer experience as a competitive differentiator, and view accuracy and quality of information provided (82%) as well as ease of interaction (73%), as the most important attribute of a quality customer experience.

The challenge is putting that into practice.  According to consumers, customer service agents failed to answer their questions 50% of the time (Source: Harris Interactive).

Bringing disparate technologies, various sources of information and processes into a space that supports the agents, and delivers what the agent needs to delight the customer at a relevant conversational point can add enormous values.

As stated by SQM Group, just a 1% improvement in first call response can equate to $276,000 in annual operational savings for the average call center.

We at Yonder Synergy (formerly CallScripter) understand that this is a huge challenge for companies, and that’s why we developed the Synergy application.  We believe in driving customer experience through providing a unified front-end experience for your most valuable assets – your agents.

Synergy is a highly configurable workflow engine, that allows for the building of custom solutions.  With an accessible drag and drop interface, and standard controls for integration to Webservices, back-end databases, as well as out of the box integration to PureEngage and PureConnect – it allows you to focus on the agent experience, in turn providing a consistent and great customer experience that’s on brand.

Pulling information into one space, whilst guiding the agent’s conversation and delivering information at a point that’s relevant frees your agent to focus on the customer, rather than the ‘what next’.  With research from Kampyle suggesting that 87% of customers think that brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent customer experience, giving your agents the right tools is a smart move.

With Gartner predicting that by as soon as 2018, more than 50% of organizations will redirect their investment to customer experience innovations now is a great time to get in contact and see how Synergy can help you deliver an impressive ROI with bottom line impact but most importantly a great experience for both agents and customers alike.

Request a demo or a free trial today. You can also learn more about Synergy on the Genesys AppFoundry marketplace.

This blog post was co-authored by Wil Sokanovic on the Synergy Sales team. Having over a 10 years’ experience of the Contact Centre industry Wil has been selling the Synergy solution since 2015.  Prior to this he worked in a number of management operational roles culminating in oversight of 650 staff.  This experience gives Wil a unique perspective of seeing a customer’s needs from both a technical and operational perspective, enabling him to leverage his knowledge to provide real value to Synergy customer operations.