Don’t Let Outdated Technology Diminish Your Agents’ Performance

Technology has played a huge role in the evolution of customer service over the last 20 years. But outdated technology could be holding back your agents.

As the contact center continues to evolve and omnichannel environments become the norm, agents are under more pressure. According to a recent report by Dimensional Research, a large number of employees working in customer service roles feel that outdated technology heavily restricts their ability to perform and keep customers happy.

In addition to a lack of adequate search capabilities and the overwhelming sprawl of disorganized customer data, 93% of agents involved in the study claimed that having to access multiple tools and multiple systems of data repositories made their jobs more difficult. Time is precious in customer service; contact centers can’t waste time by failing to adapt.

Get Ahead With Intelligent Computer Telephony Integration

With computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions, contact center agents are given a set of cutting-edge applications and tools specifically designed to improve their performance. CTI solutions also enable them to focus attention on delivering excellent support to their customers.

Instead of sifting through vast pools of data to retrieve information for each separate customer, tools like screen-pops automatically display customer information onto the agent’s CRM screen at the start of every interaction.

And with features like automated call logging, agents don’t have to waste time manually entering information into the CRM system at the completion of every interaction. Instead, they can prepare themselves for the next customer in the queue.

As omnichannel customer interactions become more prevalent, agents are required to source information from numerous separate entry points: calls, email, cases, texts and social media. Doing this manually is incredibly difficult and time consuming—and will undoubtedly lead to mistakes and disappointed customers. However, a CTI platform is a consolidated single-pane-of-glass solution that lets agents access all the information they need from one window on their desktop screen, regardless of where the data was extracted.

A New Era of Customer Service

Now is the time to invest in an intelligent CTI solution. A 2018 Microsoft report found that 95% of respondents cited customer service as important in their choice of — and loyalty to — a brand. It’s a critical way to get an advantage over your competitors.

InGenius offers a CTI solution that connects existing Genesys phone systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ServiceNow using enterprise-proven computer telephony integration. InGenius is adaptable to unique workflow requirements and is backed by a team of experts with deep CTI knowledge. For more information on how a CTI solution can improve the performance of your contact center, check out Genesys AppFoundry partner InGenius Connector Enterprise in the AppFoundry Marketplace. Visit InGenius to learn more or watch their AppFoundry webinar on-demand at your convenience.

This post was co-authored by Lynn Gayowski, Senior Marketing Manager for InGenius Software. She has over 15 years of marketing experience. Lynn previously worked with BlackBerry IoT, QNX Software Systems and the Eclipse Foundation, and studied business at the University of Manitoba. She has written content for Contact Center Pipeline, CRM Magazine and No Jitter.