Does Your Contact Center’s Roadmap Support Your Future Success?

It’s amazing to consider just how far contact center technology has evolved. It hasn’t been that long since the only option for customer service was dialing an 800 number. Today, customers are using both digital and voice channels, sometimes simultaneously. They expect personalized, contextual interactions and even prefer to handle issues themselves via self-service channels. Keeping up-to-date with customers’ rapidly shifting expectations is no longer just a good idea. Your brand is tied to the experiences you create for your customers, and in turn, great experiences drive great business outcomes.

A Relentless Focus on Innovation

Recent news from several contact center solution providers has highlighted the challenges in sustaining the innovation needed to deliver the service levels customers now expect. Because of this, evaluating your current vendor’s viability to support your goals and objectives over the long-term is more critical than ever.

At Genesys, our ongoing commitment to innovation, combined with our continued investment in research and development, allows us to provide both next generation CX solutions and stability to our customers. From the early days when we created one of the world’s first highly scalable computer telephony integration solutions, to our latest advancements, which include our Customer Experience Platform that supports omnichannel customer engagement, we have empowered businesses to build exceptional customer relationships with personalized, omnichannel experiences. In addition, we have consistently delivered unique capabilities one step ahead of our competitors to ensure our customers sustain their competitive advantage for many years to come.

Continued Growth and Leadership

Of course, research and development (R&D) requires substantial investment. This is why financially sound providers are in the best position to develop tomorrow’s technologies and solutions. We are proud of the fact that we invest more than $100 million annually in technology advancement. This is more than twice that of many others within the industry. Currently, we are focusing our R&D efforts in several key areas that will speed deployment, improve performance, and maximize return on investment (ROI) of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform and our many solutions that can be integrated to create a complete omnichannel engagement center.

To sustain this level of R&D investment, we maintain a leadership position in the industry. In 2015, our revenue topped $850 million with more than 4,700 customers in 120 countries. For the seventh consecutive year we were recognized as the Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure (CCI), and also for the seventh time, we were positioned the furthest in Completeness of Vision among Leaders. This year, we are continuing our success, despite market volatility, by adding many more leading companies to our customer list that want best-in-class innovation when it comes to their contact center infrastructure. We’ve also expanded our capabilities with over 500 partners and 88 third-party apps.

Our growth is largely fueled by the fact that we offer the most robust solution in the industry, which also happens to provide a substantial return on investment. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform is the only single, integrated and highly scalable customer experience platform that also delivers:

  • Complete engagement orchestration and analytics
  • An extensible omnichannel desktop with journey timeline
  • Personalized, proactive omnichannel inbound and outbound experiences
  • “Direct-to-best agent” orchestrated routing
  • Integrated omnichannel workforce management
  • Global 360-degree visibility, operational control, and workforce virtualization

Future-Proofing Your Contact Center Infrastructure

If you have uncertainties about the future of your current contact center solution provider, consider how rapidly your customers’ needs are evolving, and what this means for your technology choices. Vendors that are currently focused on financial challenges aren’t in a position to provide the long-term solutions that give you a competitive advantage. When you consider that the contact center is the nexus of how you engage with your customers, you want to know that your chosen provider has a clear roadmap for developing innovations, sustaining financial strength, and ensuring your current and future success.
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