Customer Experience E-Book Summer Reading List

In the spirit of summer reading lists, Genesys compiled a list of customer experience eBooks.  Check these 10 eBooks for best practices for customer engagement, digital customer service, workforce optimization, customer journey mapping, omnichannel customer experience, and IVR self-service.

These may not replace your summer beach reads, but you can put them on your on an iPad and read them wherever your summer adventures take you.  From the CX advices, to the customer bill of rights, to journey mapping, to zombies, they pack both entertainment and education. Enjoy!

Journey Mapping: An Outside-in Approach to Delivering Great Customer Experiences

Journey Mapping eBookCustomer journey management is an omnichannel customer engagement technique that involves taking an outside-in approach from the customer’s perspective to improve customer experience (CX) for your most important customer’s journeys. Read how to design customer journeys that are effortless, proactive and personalized; and improve customer experience with journey maps, and visualize and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Download Journey Mapping: An Outside-in Approach to Delivering Great Customer Experiences.


Best Practices For A Seamless Omnichannel Customer Experience

Genesys-Img_in_tweet-Best_Practices_For_OmnichannelCompanies that deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience (CX) across multiple channels and touchpoints can develop a significant competitive advantage, reduce customer churn and increase profit. Read the 6 best practices to help you design and deliver omnichannel CX, and how to do the gap analysis between current and future state journeys. Download Best Practices For A Seamless Omnichannel Customer Experience


Don’t Let Your Contact Center Workforce Become the Walking Dead

workforce managementDon’t let zombies infect your contact center workforce! There are cures out there that can bring your agents, supervisors, and managers back to life. Read how workforce management and Genesys Guru can help cure any form of zombiefication! Download Don’t Let Your Contact Center Workforce Become the Walking Dead.


Your Definitive IVR Playbook

IVR Playbook_LIMake sure you are providing useful, easy to navigate cloud-based Interactive Voice Response systems for your customers.  Get the guide to designing, developing and delivering a best-in-class IVR Platform that ensures a great customer experience. Improve your game and score more wins across the business, with your customers.   Download Your Definitive IVR Playbook.


5 Capabilities to Look for in a Customer Experience Platform

cl_thumb-eBook-Successful-CX-Platform-3Most contact center implementations today deploy siloed interaction channels (for voice, chat, email, web, social or mobile) where each customer interaction is typically managed in isolation. This fragmented approach to customer engagement commonly results in customer frustration, missed sales opportunities and reduced operational efficiency. Read why a single platform is an advantage in delivering great customer experience (CX). Download 5 Capabilities to Look for in a Customer Experience Platform.


Reducing Customer Effort During Critical Mobile Touchpoints

Mobile touchpoints main_landing-reducing_cust_effortGiven that smartphones are capable of voice communications as well as social media, chat, email, and text messaging, they are an the ideal mechanism for providing enhanced levels of assisted customer service. A key differentiator for companies is not whether they have a mobile option available – it’s how they leverage it to provide a better customer experience (CX). Download Reducing Customer Effort During Critical Mobile Touchpoints.


5 Critical Requirements for a Future-Ready Contact Center

FutureReady-CC_LinkedIn440x220Get answers to some of the pressing questions in your contact center: Does your contact center deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience? Is it easy to add digital channels such as mobile, social media, and web for customer service? Do you ever feel like you are dealing with a tangle of point solutions, bolted together with duct tape? If yes, it is very likely that your infrastructure is based on dated technology. Get all the answers in 5 Critical Requirements for a Future-Ready Contact Center.


Best Practices for Social Customer Service

Social-customer-service_LinkedIn440x220The debate over who “owns” social media — Marketing or Customer Service — continues. While marketing took ownership early on to protect the brand, over time it has become clear that customers prefer to engage with companies over social media for service related issues. To be truly effective, companies must adopt an integrated approach to social media that includes customer service. Read how to get the most out of social media in Best Practices for Social Customer Service.


Customer Bill of Rightscustomer bill of rights

Genesys highlights 10 key Customer Bill of Rights best practices that every caller expects from a self-service experience and that every business should strive to fulfill when designing IVR applications. Stand apart with an IVR experience your customers will actually rave about. Download Customer Bill of Rights.


Top 10 Strategies for Modernizing Workforce Optimization

10 WFO ebook sidebars_templateEvolving from a call center to a multichannel contact center can create operational challenges and introduce inefficiencies within quality assurance, planning and training departments. Learn 10 strategies to modernize your Workforce Optimization processes to help with both business and contact center operational challenges. Download Top 10 Strategies for Modernizing Workforce Optimization.


GenesysSocia-MixtapelAs a reward to yourself for getting through your customer experience eBook summer reading list, relax and kick back with the Genesys Digital Customer Experience Mix Tape! Get all the greatest CX hits.

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