Customer Experience: a Blend of People and Real-Time Intelligence

This blog was written by Brad Richards, VP at CR-X, Inc (CustomerView), a Genesys AppFoundry Partner.

It’s a combination of great people and great technology that’s changing the world of customer engagement and delivering personalized, highly effective customer experiences.

Only with the right intelligence, collected and leveraged in near- and real-time, can brands deliver the best service to their customers. This includes the ability to listen carefully to the human voice, analyze words and sentiments, and support live agents in the moment—making each moment positive and memorable. This same intelligence, using a massively scalable big data engine, is capable of processing the voice of the customer in every other channel.

The most intense experiences rank the highest and most influence the customer experience.

In our constantly connected world, a customer’s most recent experience is more relevant than anything they might experience in the future. Quality is experience, and experience is anchored in what’s happening here and now. While product quality, brand and a host of other factors are influences, most customers have a simpler calculus—how what’s happening right now, or what happened recently, makes them feel. Fortunately, it’s possible to measure emotional experiences as facts.

Understanding Customer Experience and Its Impact

Literature and best practices on customer experience have long focused on how to achieve it. The goal is laudable, but any well-run business knows that the means used to achieve it are bounded. Businesses must balance multiple investments, even though customer experience might be one of the most important.

Businesses often have specific goals for any customer interactions; and some of those goals—regulatory or legal requirements, as well as other elements like discovery and surveying—aren’t necessarily designed to influence satisfaction. Ensuring that business requirements do not detract from customer satisfaction is key.

The research on customer analytics assumes that you can use metrics like CSAT or Net Promoter Score to improve satisfaction. However, very little work is done to determine the financial impact. The underlying assumption is that improving quality scores will improve satisfaction and, ultimately, boost business performance. On its face, this is appealing, but businesses need to see the ROI.

Customer analytics that incorporate behavioral economics can fulfill both the intention to improve satisfaction and the need to deliver quantifiable business results. A platform that integrates emotion, normative behavioral measures and outcomes is a stronger tool for understanding—and even predicting—subsequent customer behavior.

The CustomerView platform integrates emotion, sentiment, behavior, and performance to not only alert businesses to positive outcomes, but also negative ones. It also offers insights that predict behavior to improve sales or mitigate customer churn.

The platform lets users explore the critical link between quality, compliance, sentiment and business performance. And it lets you view customer interactions, enriching and summarizing data to address specific experiences while revealing trends.

To learn more about Genesys Technology Partner CR-X and the CustomerView platform, visit their listing on the AppFoundry marketplace and download their whitepaper.


This blog post was co-authored by Brad Richards from CR-X, Inc. Brad Richards is Vice President of Channel Sales and Marketing for CR-X, Inc. (CustomerView). Brad has over 25 years of experience in contact center operations, telecommunications, technology, customer service and consulting. He has led operations, IT, finance, marketing and sales teams in high tech, media and technology companies. Brad is passionate about delivering top- and bottom-line results and counts information governance, cloud storage, technical services, business process outsourcing (BPO) and advanced contact center solutions among his specializations. Based in Denver, Colo., Brad’s career includes experiences at MCI, Gateway Computers, Dex Media, SkyTel, Integrated Quality Technologies, Timebel Solutions and Willowleaf Partners.