Conversational AI Features for Improving Customer Service


When used properly, bots have several benefits in the contact center. Customers can get assistance anytime they need it — no matter the day or time. In addition, the use of bots frees agents from repetitive tasks, which allows them to focus on more complex problems and, ultimately, saves the business money.  But not every organization is succeeding when it comes to conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and bots.

In the recent “State of customer experience” report, respondents noted that bots were the only channel to see a decrease in customer satisfaction from 2017 to 2021, with rates dropping from 35% to 25%. The key to a successful customer experience bot strategy is to incorporate the right solution — and implement best practices.

Genesys was recently named a Major Player in the “IDC MarketScape Worldwide Conversational AI Software Platforms for Customer Service 2021 Vendor Assessment” (doc# US48340721, November 2021). At the time of the evaluation, Genesys had just closed its acquisition of Bold360.

Being recognized as a Major Player in this crowded space is based on a strong set of capabilities and hundreds of satisfied customers that continue to use Bold360, as the Genesys DX™ solution.

The Bold360 Conversational AI capabilities, which are folded into Genesys DX, bring together the ease of use and breadth of digital capabilities of Bold360 — with the omnichannel orchestration and AI capabilities Genesys has introduced over the past several years. Most notably, these capabilities include:

Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows is a better way to create digital or voice bots. The build experience facilitates tasks, such as leveraging third-party data and validating customer input. And the bot is orchestrated into the journey during the build process, which reduces the time needed to configure a bot into a holistic omnichannel customer journey.

Intent Miner makes it easier to identify intents; this tool uses actual customer conversations to automatically create intent models that native Genesys bots can use. This tool reduces the time needed to manually determine intent and can eliminate errors that often occur during the manual process.

Genesys Predictive Routing is a unique try-to-buy experience in which customers decide on their outcomes. The software uses a sophisticated AI-driven algorithm to match the right interaction with the right resource.

Overcoming the Obstacles of Conversational AI

Companies often list disjointed access to knowledge, a lack of insight and complicated or lengthy implementation cycles as major blockers for adopting conversational AI for customer service. And many solutions struggle to address these issues — with varying degrees of success. These are capabilities that can accelerate time to value.

Knowledge Everywhere
Genesys DX is more than a content repository, indexed for easy information retrieval. Knowledge is managed and activated through an AI-enabled, human-in-the loop process that adds rich media, channel awareness, context awareness and language variations. This allows you transform static content into a useful and responsive knowledge base.

Ease of Use
Development time and IT reliance have long been barriers to AI implementation for many organizations. Having a no-code solution that doesn’t compromise on breadth and depth of AI functionality is difficult to achieve. Genesys DX has an intuitive interface for activating knowledge, creating better automatic conversations and analyzing success.

Genesys DX makes it easy for business owners to understand where they should apply conversational AI and whether their application is working. Ready-to-use reports track usage, outcomes, engagement and understanding. An administrator can see usage by time and channel to identify peak times and eliminate the need for customers to speak to an agent.  Users also can see how many bot conversations ended with an agent interaction — and how many ended without a resolution.

The Voices dashboard identifies opportunities for automation based on how well Genesys DX addressed a customer request. AI automatically classifies and clusters conversations based on intents and makes it easy for knowledge workers to find and fill information gaps to reduce the dreaded “answer not found” experience.

AI: Predictive, Precise and Personalized

Organizations adopt conversational AI to improve self-service rates and reduce service costs. However, sometimes achieving these efficiencies can negatively affect the overall customer experience.

Customers often find conversational AI solutions to be impersonal or frustrating; without sufficient knowledge capabilities, the AI solution can repeatedly get answers wrong. If the conversational AI solutions are difficult to build or integrate — or require in-house data scientists or AI specialists — they can burden CX administrators. And many of these solutions are black boxes that don’t capture data, give companies a way to work with data and lack out-of-the-box reports.

To ensure your conversational AI solution improves customer experience outcomes, it needs to the ability to listen to your customers and capture their activities, understand intent and predict the right response, act with precision, and learn from every interaction. Learn more about how Genesys DX uses conversational AI to help you personalize the customer experience.