Agents Transition to At-Home Work in Two Days

When an early COVID-19 spike forced a lockdown in Italy, was already planning contact center improvements. The car insurance company wanted to improve inbound and outbound performance, accelerate its omnichannel and digital vision, and eliminate siloed legacy systems. With the lockdown; however, a contact center migration became more critical.

By moving to the Genesys Cloud™ platform, set up its advisors to work from home in just two days. And it immediately saw many other benefits of a cloud-based contact center.

A Proven Omnichannel Roadmap is the Italian brand of Admiral Group — a leading car insurer with more than 11,000 employees and 7 million customers across the UK, Spain, France and the US. Previously, its operations ran on separate on-premises contact center systems from Cisco, VICIdial and Asterisk. With the Cisco solution approaching end-of-support, needed a more agile and blended approach.

“We had all the drawbacks of siloed technology and work practices, and little scope for integrating systems and inbound and outbound teams,” said Francesco Del Gallo, product manager for “We knew our customers were looking to engage through new channels, like chat and social media, so it was important to get a unified solution with a proven omnichannel roadmap.”

Two-Day Shift to At-Home Work

After reviewing various offers, selected the Genesys Cloud platform.

“We got the green light and moved smoothly to full home working in just two days,” said Francesco Del Gallo, Project Manager at Conte IT. “It was comparatively easy to integrate our Guidewire insurance platform with Genesys Cloud.”

Easy integration with its Guidewire insurance platform helped make the transition faster and easier. Plus, the integration gave advisors instant access to the latest customer data so they’re more productive when answering queries, creating new policies and processing claims.

Strong Results for Advisors and Customers saw excellent results in just a few months. For example, around 150 advisors effortlessly switch between inbound and outbound calls — a perfectly blended workflow that wasn’t possible with the company’s previous legacy systems.

“Our inbound and outbound teams enjoy greater job variety and feel more engaged,” said Del Gallo. “Bringing them together yielded a 4% improvement in resource utilization, which could save as much as €150,000.”

Customers also see benefits: Response time has improved by an average of 5%. And when connected, customers are served faster, with most issues resolved the first time.

Partners in Innovation is yet to realize the full value of the Genesys Cloud platform. With open APIs, AppFoundry partner tools, and embedded workforce management and automation capabilities, it can accelerate digital plans. Future additions include chat and social channels — initially Facebook and WhatsApp. The company also is considering Genesys Predictive Engagement to assist website shoppers and increase basket completion rates.

“Our vision is to be known as the best insurance company for customer experience,” concluded Antonio Bagetta, CEO for “We believe Genesys has the most complete cloud contact center offer, and we look forward to our mutual collaboration as partners in innovation.”

An All-in-One Solution

As has discovered, the Genesys Cloud platform powers contact centers that run smoothly and deliver deeply connected, meaningful experiences. currently uses inbound, outbound, self-service and integrations capabilities.

Inbound voice uses your company’s defined business priorities to segment and rank interactions — making it easier to meet SLAs for all voice interactions without creating complex routing strategies or adding resources. Features like voicemail and callback ensure the continuity of customer service operations.

With outbound campaigns, you can send highly personalized, timely and relevant notifications on your customers’ preferred channels. Further, blending inbound and outbound calls can increase agent utilization, reduce overall call wait times and smooth overall call volume.

Customer self-service options, such as speech-enabled IVR, voicebots and chatbots, give your customers 24/7 access to help, simplify their journeys and empower them to resolve issues faster.

In addition, you can easily configure and deploy pre-built integrations within the Genesys Cloud platform.

To learn more about how the all-in-one Genesys Cloud platform can benefit your contact center, take the cloud contact center tour.