Infographic: Cloud Solution Leads to Quick Responses in Critical Moments

For Crisis Services Canada (CSC) every call, text or chat can save a life — and every moment counts. The core desire of CSC was to build a coast-to-coast-to-coast virtual multimedia contact center in Canada that ensures its responders are always available for anyone thinking about, or affected by, suicide. CSC needed a scalable cloud solution to support multiple channels and integrate with other emergency systems.

CSC, a collaboration of non-profit distress and crisis service centers, embarked on a digital transformation that was planned and delivered by 11 technology vendors. Many distress centers within its network are small and geographically dispersed — with outdated technology and disparate systems. Agents are trained to work with people — not technology.

The Genesys® PureConnectTM application provided the cloud solution and technology that empowers CSC representatives to respond quickly and easily on any channel. The PureCloud app also offers scalability based on the volume of contacts; CSC can add or reduce resources easily without incurring additional costs — all with the cloud.

“This is a human success story about collaboration, dedication, commitment, culture and business transformation to enable conversations about suicide… enabled by technology,” said Roberta Fox, Chief Technology Advisor and Founder at CSC.

Like many contact centers, CSC has unique requirements and integrations. It needed to integrate with 911 and emergency dispatch units, in addition to the iCarol helpline CRM system for clinical data and case management. Because the PureCloud product is easy to implement and deploy, the center got the entire system up and running — within budget — in just eight months.

The right professional responders with the right technology mean more lives are saved — quickly and at a lower cost. CSC leverages the cloud solution to guarantee that no call goes unanswered and no one has to wait on hold. Check out the infographic below to get a behind-the-scenes look at how CSC did it.