Change Is Constant: Learn to Survive and Thrive with New Technology

We live in a world of constant change—it’s the new norm. And it can be difficult for technology providers to keep up with these changes in the customer experience realm.

Customer experience plays a critical role in your organization. It’s the face of your brand; it allows your company to interact with your customers. And, more importantly, it enables you to create relationships with your customers. As you use your customer experience platform to design journeys, manage interactions and deliver on your organization’s expected business outcomes (NPS, first contact resolution, reduced churn, etc.), you must also keep your finger on the pulse of customer needs and constantly tailor your experiences to meet changing expectations.

Considering a full or partial migration to the cloud is one way to prepare for constant change—from an operational, technical, financial and business perspective. The cloud provides the operational agility, scalability, and reliability your business needs to adapt to this new norm. Here are three main benefits of the cloud.

  1. Removes the added costs and resources you traditionally needed to operate an on-premises customer experience platform. This lets you focus resources to measure and analyze data, design or optimize journeys, and introduce new interaction channels.
  2. Provides greater resource flexibility, allowing you to scale up or down to accommodate fluctuations on demand. You don’t have to worry about licensing or processing capacity.
  3. Lets you leverage innovation, making it easier and faster to add new channels, try new integrations or even explore the power of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Your customers’ expectations aren’t solely related to the quality and speed of service; their expectations also are related to technology and the convenience they’re accustomed to, thanks to innovation like AI and virtual reality.

Steps to Embrace the Cloud

While the cloud and its benefits sound great, it’s also a big step for you. Fortunately, there are several options and migration paths to the cloud to facilitate the process; you can even migrate at your own pace.

For example, you could migrate your current Genesys on-premises platform to its equivalent in the cloud. You could move a specific line of business to the cloud platform that best meets the need of that operation and business model. Or you could adopt a hybrid model—where certain functions reside in the cloud while other, more sensitive, transactions remain on-premises.

An on-premises subscription model gives you an initial step toward the cloud. It gives you the ability to enjoy some of the financial and operational benefits of the cloud model while keeping your operation on-premises.

Moving to the cloud is a great way to address the challenge of constant change. It gives you multiple migration alternatives that adapt to your business needs and reality while ensuring minimal disruption and impact to your business operations.

To learn more, watch our on-demand webinar, “Onwards and Cloudwards: Explore your options for moving to the cloud.”