Celebrating CX Day: 4 Engagement Strategies for Every Day!

CX Day isn’t just a celebration, it’s a reflection of your business’s journey with your customers, employees, and partners. This CX Day, October 5, 2016 is a special one for Genesys. We’re succeeding in our innovation across the landscape of customer experience and contact center markets, no small task. A large portion of our success is thanks to strong relationships with our customers, employees, and partners.

Our global user conference, G-Force, is next week, and CX Day couldn’t land at a better time to celebrate our customers, partners, and innovative employees. See how Genesys is celebrating CX Day at our webpage, including a live stream from G-Force main stage of adventurer and entrepreneur Jamie Clarke.

At Genesys we believe CX is not just celebrated for a single day of the year. It is something to focus on and nurture across your organization all year round. In my role as Chief Customer Officer, I have the pleasure of traveling the world to engage with executives across industries, discussing customer engagement strategies.  There are common themes I hear and I would like to share them with you.

1. Customer Engagement is THE Differentiator

Technology is disrupting the customer experience, which is in turn disrupting businesses. There is a plethora of channels, a massive shift to digital, and a shift to cloud, both from the consumer as well as the enterprise. Great CX and loyalty must be nurtured through products, services, and processes designed to create value for the customer and your company. I often hear that building a business case for what you all feel is obvious can be tough. But when you analyze it, it usually comes down to the simple fact that that the area causing your customers greatest pain and frustration is also an area where your company is becoming less productive. Addressing such areas, removing the friction, and focusing on customer outcomes creates happier customers and increases productivity. So how do you find out what is causing your customer the greatest source of pain? See my next theme.

2. Listen to Your Customers or They Will Start Talking To Your Competitors

At Genesys we enjoy a broad set of feedback from what we call the voice of the customer (VoC). This happens formally at events like G-Force, CX Summits we have across the globe, as well as through our Net Promoter System, which has been in place for almost four years. Our customers tell us when we get it right; they also tell us when we don’t. Using our NPS, we are able to communicate with our customers and receive feedback on specific issues and their overall experience with us. The feedback, positive or negative, is constructive and influences our decision-making as a customer-centric organization. Many of our customers have similar systems of listening in place. Those who are leaders in their markets have systems in place. I observe that many that don’t are working to do so as they chase their competitors in hyper-competitive markets.

3. Employee Engagement and Culture is Critical

Our strong engagement with our customers is a reflection of our employees, who are our most valuable assets, along with the culture we nurture. Can we do better? Yes, and we work on it every day!

We work hard to come across as “One Genesys” and try not to be viewed as a collection of functional departments each with their own set of objectives. This allows us to focus on customer outcomes as opposed to the “my part of the puzzle is fine” attitude. We are constantly adopting new, improved methods and best practices that better enable frontline employees’ interactions with our customers and partners. We have adopted service design methodologies and this is changing the way we engage with our prospects and existing customers from evaluating solutions, to gathering requirements, to onboarding, to deploying, and ongoing support to maximize the value received.

These developments require a continuous effort to keep reminding frontline and non-customer facing employees that what matters to our customers matter to us.

4. Start Now

As I visit customers and engage with them along their journey, they inevitably say that they wish they had started sooner. Anecdotally, they knew what they had to do, but at first they lacked the intestinal fortitude. True, it’s hard work and at times seems almost impossible, but when you break through and reap the rewards, you’ll find your company separated from the competition. Delivering great CX is indeed a journey, not a destination. What are you waiting for?

Celebrate CX Day with Genesys

See how Genesys is celebrating CX Day at our webpage, which includes photos, videos, and link to the Jamie Clarke live stream from G-Force main.