CCaaS Trends: Placing Empathy at the Core of Your Contact Center

When your citizens need you….

The pandemic forced the world to go digital nearly overnight — adopting work from home, digital and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. This explosion of real-time customer interactions has put emotion, specifically empathy, at the center of the contact center.

During the webinar “CCaaS in 2020: Trends informing the movement,” industry experts shared details on how the  global crisis has created the opportunity to adopt a cloud strategy to address resiliency needs and, most importantly, gain agility and speed to deliver better customer experiences — and impact operational efficiencies.

Art Schoeller, VP, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals at Forrester Research, shared highlights from the “Forrester WaveTM: Contact-Center-As-A-Service (CCaaS) Providers, Q3, 2020” report. Forrester recommends that agencies making the move, in the context of the contact center, take the following measures.

  • Current state assessment – POST: People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology
    • Forrester has an extensive, 150-question best practices assessment to get started and understand your current state.
  • What is the future state?
    • Use customer journey mapping workshops as your guide.
  • Engage security, risk and compliance
    • Does the CCaaS vendor provide and check all boxes necessary from a security and compliance perspective?
  • Network assessment
    • Do you have the right network in place to effectively service customers with voice and video?
  • Migration and change management plan
    • Who’s responsible, accountable, consulted and informed?

Integral Care Offers Assistance in the Toughest Times

Real-word examples are the best way to truly understand the power CCaaS has on an agency, its employees and its citizens. Sunila Levi, CTO at Integral Care, shared details of the agency’s journey to modernize its contact center.

Tasked with the honorable mission of improving the lives of people who’ve been affected by behavioral health and intellectual challenges, Integral Care supports adults and children through a 24-hour crisis hotline. Often, it’s the first point of contact for people who are seeking immediate, emotional support. And downtime isn’t an option when running a crisis service. That was the necessity that drove Integral Care to modernize its call center.

Because Integral Care wanted to transform its operations, Levi looked for a CCaaS solution that could grow with the business — and be ready for the future.

To evolve its current call center system, Integral Care:

  • Identified over 180 requirements
  • Aligned technology and agency strategies (i.e., technology and management)
  • Conducted industry research to identify top vendors
  • Looked for vendors that supported similar missions
  • Researched vendors and underwent a Q&A process
  • Collected findings and recommendations

The end goal was that it elevated its contact center system into a business intelligence gateway system. And, even during the pandemic, Integral Care agents provided necessary services without disruption.

Hear the details of all the steps Integral Care took to move to the Genesys CloudTM platform in the on-demand webinar, “CCaaS in 2020: Trends informing the movement.