Candid Conversations: Personalizing Customer Engagement with Journey Orchestration


Journey orchestration empowers companies with the insights required to understand their customers’ immediate needs — and what they might need in the future. It goes much further than simply routing chats, email and voice; it involves things like predictive models, decision engines for next-best actions, advanced automation resources, and system integration across backend systems as well as marketing and operations. Journey orchestration takes all this information and combines it into “identity stitching.” When armed with this type of real-time information, agents can offer customers a very high level of personalization.

I recently sat down with Gordon Sexton, Industry Designer, Financial Services at Genesys, to get his take on journey orchestration and how it enables companies to offer truly personalized customer experiences.

Identity Stitching Paints a Complete Customer Journey Picture

Identity stitching brings together the data associated with the various customer identities to have a more complete picture of a customer’s journey. The more complete the picture, the more successful the journey orchestration is.

To understand journey orchestration, including identity stitching, it helps to simplify them into their component parts. First, the various sources of identity data need to be accessed. Then, they need to be stitched together. Next, you need an accurate prediction of when and how to proactively engage the customer at various “moments of truth.” Execution must happen in a sophisticated way in the appropriate modality, with a mix of self-service and assisted-service. Finally, based on the outcomes, learning takes place to improve the engagement for the next time. Gathering and stitching are key ingredients to success.

Data Fuels Artificial Intelligence  

Genesys Predictive Engagement consumes native Genesys data and looks at real-time behavior of customers as they’re on their journey on a website. But that’s just the beginning of the story. Customers might have multiple online identities as they often engage in parallel journeys of discovery.

Genesys partners with Adobe, which can take information from many resources and boil it down to create real-time profiles. The Genesys development partnership with Adobe enables our solutions to consume these profiles. By adding more dimensions to the data that can be consumed, the Genesys solution can make better predictions.

When you combine the Genesys real-time data from our systems, and the wealth of real-time information we have about the agents at the sites serving customers, along with third-party data, you get a true 360-degree picture — not only of what the customer is doing, but also how agents can better serve them. All this data is combined and feeds AI resources, allowing you to deliver superior business outcomes.

To learn more about journey orchestration and future developments, listen to the latest “Customer Experience Insights” podcast featuring my interview with Gordon.