Candid Conversations: Composable CX Drives Sustainable Differentiation in the Enterprise


A lot of people are talking about composability. In a recent episode of the “Customer Experience Insights” podcast, Jason Alley, Senior Product Marketing Director at Genesys, defined composable CX this way: “Customer and employee experiences architected for swift, sustainable differentiation, in a way that delivers maximum resiliency and agility. It enables every area of the digital business to drive better outcomes in the face of increasing change and uncertainty.”

Four Building Blocks of Composable CX Platforms

Composable CX platforms are critical factors in becoming a composable business. And, while a modern cloud is foundational — things like API-first, microservices-based, with AI permeating throughout, the highest level of security, five-nines uptime, and unlimited global scale — composable CX demands even more from platforms. “Composable CX platforms must provide for the real-time assembly, combination and orchestration of individual customer experience and employee experience capabilities across core product offerings, robust marketplaces, the greater ecosystem, and differentiating solutions built using open APIs and developer tools. Think of it as LEGO® bricks for your business — bricks that can be easily added, removed, changed or exchanged. And, when built right, provide for a more personalized experience for customers.”

The four composable building blocks: Product, Marketplace, Ecosystem and Development are like puzzle pieces or blocks for businesses. These can easily be added, removed, changed or exchanged.

Composable CX empowers IT and the business to co-create unique experiences that ultimately leave their customers feeling grateful to connect with their brand. On the employee side, workers are glad they work for a modern company that appreciates them. While composability has come into the picture more during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s here to stay as a way to differentiate faster, nimbly adapt and architect better.

More enterprise CIOs and CTOs are using a composable CX platform to architect their digital businesses for real-time adaptability and resilience when it comes to the customer and employee experiences. Enterprise innovation and adaptation becomes a real-time behavior that every layer of the business can contribute to — in unison.

To learn more about the future of composable CX and Genesys innovations, listen to the recent Customer Experience Insights podcast.