Businesses Step Up to Deliver Critical Customer Support

Customer support has become more urgent than anything we’ve experienced in our 30 years of business. And the need is growing at lightning speed, with nearly every day bringing new challenges.

Healthcare providers are running out of beds and critical equipment, while nurses and doctors are the frontline heroes. Insurance companies are flooded with calls from customers who worry whether their testing is covered. Financial services companies are scrambling to scale to handle call volumes — people are worried about the future of their life savings. Unemployment offices face callers who wait hours in queue because they just lost their next paycheck. Retailers struggle to stay afloat as they close doors.

Across industries, businesses are trying to scale to meet demand. Yet they also want to protect the health of their own employees during the shift to working remotely. Yes, support is urgent.

People are counting on all of us to step up because they need products, services and support now more than ever. I see it as a moment to connect with customers in a meaningful way and to empower your agents to do what it takes to solve problems efficiently, effectively and with empathy. Helping our customers adapt with spontaneous scalability while transitioning their entire workforce to work from home is what drove us to provide a set of rapid response options.

Rapid Response for Uninterrupted Customer Support

We all have roles we can fill during times of crisis. With the high demand for customer support across all industries, and the shift to working at home, Genesys wanted to step up, too. We launched a set of rapid response options to give any organization free access to the Genesys Cloud™ platform, so they can provide mission-critical support and enable remote teams quickly, with deployment in just 48 hours. It was amazing to see employees across our marketing, sales, professional services, customer care and product teams respond rapidly too, in order to make these options a reality.

Customer service leaders around the world are already putting this offer to work, and it’s making a difference as they support their customers:

  • A major financial services company transitioned nearly 10,000 in-office contact center agents to remote work within days. The company plans to enable another 5,000 to work from home. In addition, the company doubled its record for customer transactions, jumping to 3 million during this period.
  • A Fortune 50 software company shut down its contact centers in a COVID-19 outbreak area and shifted all calls to other countries. The company updated its IVR and rebalanced its routing to accommodate this change while transitioning thousands of agents around the world to virtual work within days.
  • A large state government entity converted 3,000 agents to remote work in a single day. It also on-boarded 400 new agents in just three days.

So far, over 700 businesses have reached out to Genesys for assistance to support remote capabilities, shift their geographic operations or manage unexpected surges in customer inquiries. Genesys Rapid Response has already enabled more than 500,000 contact center employees to continue serving consumers from the safety of their homes.

Step Up for Your Customers

Far above selling software, the current environment has created a stronger need to connect. While we’re extending our technology for more urgent customer experiences, we’re also helping to build the foundation for long-term relationships rooted in trust and loyalty. Because at the end of the day, we’re all more than employees and more than customers. We’re people first.

Think about what you value and how you can be there for your customers and for each other. We’re here to give you a helping hand. If you need help scaling to meet demand or shifting to remote work, we have options for you to take and run with.

Learn more about Genesys Rapid Response. It’s available for any organization, including existing Genesys customers as well as other businesses, government agencies and non-profits.