Business Continuity and Engagement in the Digital Age

The phrase “new normal” has been used a lot recently and it’s very apt. Our streets are deserted. Our work environment has changed massively — albeit temporarily. Businesses all over the world are coming to terms with remaining operational and ensuring that employees can be productive from their homes.

Now, attention turns to how they’ll continue serving their customers in this “new normal.” One fact is inarguable: Customers now have no choice but to turn to your digital domain for engagement.

Unexpected Opportunities to Connect

This presents an opportunity for you. Customers value human interaction and, now more than ever, they need a reassuring, personal touch to let them know your business cares and is listening. Your sales and support staff demonstrated empathy and engaged effectively in your branch offices and stores. But now employees are stuck at home for the foreseeable future. This leaves you with reduced resource capacity and less ability to engage customers.

The good news is that, even though you can’t sit down face-to-face or look out the window and see customers, you can still observe, analyze and engage with them in very personalized ways — through your website and other digital channels.

You can help those same customers, in any industry, by continuing to answer their questions:

  • Financial services: Can you explain these terms?
  • Retail stores: What’s the best alternative available to ship today?
  • Telco service providers: Can someone help with my broadband router?

So, do the current challenges derail your plans if you’re not ready for digital engagement at scale and able to deliver on your brand promise? Not at all. You can continue to deliver great experiences to your customers — and continue serving their needs. This requires three things.

  • Expert guidance on how to ensure you use digital engagement in the right way, to meet the needs of your customers.
  • Real-time, personalized customer engagement in the moments that matter. This means balancing the needs of the individual customer with the ability of the business to support those needs and make those moments that matter count.
  • Speed and agility to react to a business environment that’s changing rapidly and constantly.

Keep Business Goals on Track

Genesys is here to help you with all of this. Banks, retailers, telcos and many businesses from other industries have seen benefit from digital engagement at scale with Genesys. What’s more, to help you get over this initial uncertain time, we have a special, limited time offer called “Rapid Response.” This offer lets you use Genesys technology for a limited time at no cost — and with no obligation to continue after that time.

Learn more about Genesys Rapid Response. It’s available for any organization, including existing Genesys customers as well as other businesses, government agencies and non-profits.