Bridging the Omnichannel Integration Gap Between the C-Suite and IT

There’s a gap in confidence when it comes to full omnichannel integration in the call center. And according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan, the C-suite and IT don’t necessarily agree. To solve the disconnect and close the gap, you have to focus on technology.

From a high level, the C-suite has done its job. It decided omnichannel was the future of the call center — and budgeted the funds to get there. As such, that group is confident the business will reach its goals. In fact, the Frost & Sullivan report shows that the C-suite is the most confident group. What’s tricky is that IT is on the opposite end. While IT teams agree that omnichannel is important, they’re less sure they can meet hard deadlines.

Technology Here and Now

Omnichannel isn’t new. Most call centers have been moving toward it for a while. Still, only 28% of those surveyed say their technology systems can meet future needs. And only 13% have all functionality in a single system. This means the majority of businesses are either struggling now — or will be soon. That lapse in technology is what makes the move so difficult for IT.

The Disconnect

The technology you use heavily influences IT’s day-to-day job. If systems crash often, IT spends their days putting out fires. If you need to frequently add new channels, they become experts in third-party integrations. So, when the C-suite decides to move to an all-in-one, omnichannel system, that means two big things for IT.

  1. IT will have a massive new project to figure out before a go-live date.
  2. After the move, nearly everything in their daily jobs will change.

The View From Down Here

Moving to a new system isn’t a small change for your IT team; it’s a massive culture shift. While the C-suite gets to step back after making the decision, IT faces a world of change. They have to manage the implementation of a new call center system and prepare for a new job. This can be overwhelming.

Bridge the Gap

Make the move to an omnichannel call center platform easier on your IT team. Give clear guidelines on what they can expect before, during and after implementing the new system. Make sure IT knows how the new system will help them do their jobs better. Remember: The view from the trenches is much different than the one from the tower.

Learn more about how technology continues to influence the call center in the new Frost & Sullivan report, “Midsized Call Centers’ Approach to Delivering Customer Experience.”