Breaking Through Barriers: A New Way Forward for Large Avaya Contact Centers

A survey in a recent contact center webinar reveals that 60% of companies with struggling large contact center providers say competency fears hold them back from moving to new, modern customer experience platforms. As long-time advocates of legacy providers, authenticity is another major barrier. Promoting and adopting alternative platforms doesn’t come naturally. As a result, companies assume the unnecessary financial risk and find it difficult to move the customer experience needle forward.

If you’re an IT pro with a large Avaya contact center and find yourself in this situation, check out the new digital white paper, “The Best Way Forward for Large Avaya Contact Centers,” to get the information you need to blast through barriers.

But don’t worry; you’re not the only one who finds it difficult to move outside your comfort zone to seize opportunities. Research shows it’s something that hinders all of us.

In his book, “Reach,” Andy Molinsky, Professor at the Brandeis University International Business School, identifies five core psychological barriers people face when trying to escape their comfort zone to get to “where the magic happens.”

  1. Authenticity: “This just isn’t me;”
  2. Likeability: “This will make people not like me;”
  3. Competency: “I’m not good at this and it’s obvious to others;”
  4. Resentment: “I shouldn’t be doing this in the first place;”
  5. Morality: “This doesn’t feel appropriate or right.”

Thus, it’s no surprise that fears of authenticity and competency prevent companies with large legacy contact centers from getting to where the customer experience magic happens to:

  • Deliver true omnichannel moments;
  • Blend artificial intelligence (AI) and the power of the human touch;
  • Use customer experience excellence to become an iconic company.

Many IT professionals find themselves in what Molinsky calls a “vicious cycle of avoidance,” continually postponing action needed for success, such as moving to a new contact center platform. The thought is too overwhelming. However, as time goes on, the problem doesn’t go away. Stress builds and opportunities are missed.

We believe it shouldn’t be this difficult; it’s the responsibility of leading customer engagement providers to offer special resources, services, and promotions to make it easy—even compelling—for you to break this vicious cycle and begin a new way forward.

IT pros with large Avaya contact centers can work with Genesys by:

  1. Reading the guide.
  2. Scheduling a free workshop.
  3. Contacting us to get promotions that reward action.

You certainly won’t be alone. Nearly 250 companies in 2017 will leave legacy contact center systems from Avaya, Cisco and others for a new way forward with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.2

Legendary customer experiences begin at the end of your comfort zone, so let us help you navigate the voyage ahead.

Genesys press release, “Genesys Sees Adoption Uptick as Nearly 250 Companies Worldwide Ditch Legacy Contact Center Solutions,” November.