Become an Integral Part of the Customer Feedback Loop

Customer feedback is important for every company to understand how it’s doing, learn something new or improve its performance. When you’re in the customer experience business, you need to take the actual customer experience — and customer feedback — to heart to improve, advance and innovate your products and services.

At Genesys, we live and breathe this practice. We sincerely value our partner and customer ecosystem — and strive to provide the best possible service. But to do that, we need to actively listen to our customers about what they like best and where we can improve.

With customer feedback, we get the motivation to do more of what we are great at or learn something new and grow. And, that’s why we are bringing G2 reviews to the AppFoundry Marketplace. This will give our partners ways to make their best products and services even better.

“The G2 partnership with Genesys dates back years, as we’ve helped them gather authentic customer reviews to better improve their product, positioning and trustworthiness in the market,” said Brittany Wroblewski, VP of Partnerships at G2. “Being able to give AppFoundry partners the same opportunity will not only strengthen the objective value of each partner, but the AppFoundry Marketplace as a whole. We are thrilled to help AppFoundry customers choose their Genesys add-on solutions with confidence — and look forward to being able to scale those same peer reviews across the entire marketplace.”

Visit AppFoundry to see customer reviews for the following partners and more.

  • 24sessions helps enterprises digitize their service offerings and personalize customer contact through video calls.
  • Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create applications that talk and to build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products.
  • Aria Solutions shared its WFM Adapter for the Genesys Cloud platform, which feeds accurate workforce management (WFM) data feed into your WFM system so you can accurately forecast workloads and ensure in real-time that agents adhere to provide great customer experiences.
  • Brightmetrics equips your team with critical insights and empowers them to drill down from summary reports or visualizations.
  • eMite Dashboard combines Genesys Cloud™ data with external data in a single, comprehensive dashboard. The dashboards are highly configurable and deployable within seconds.
  • Lightico offers a next-generation platform for digital customer interactions that empowers businesses to collect forms, documents, e-signatures, photos and consent to disclosures.
  • livepro increases customer delight, staff engagement, compliance, insights and sales while reducing costs.
  • MindTouch is an enterprise-grade knowledge management platform that uses AI to help agents find the answers they need.
  • is a voice AI platform that enables contact centers to analyze 100% of support calls for quality assurance and compliance.
  • Shelf offers advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and powerful search that helps agents quickly find answers and solve customer issues on the first call.

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