Automate QA Processes and Review 100% of Calls

This post was co-authored by Genesys AppFoundry partner, Call Journey.

Contact centers must improve customer experience and maximize sales — all while remaining compliant with ever-changing rules and regulations. And they must follow a robust Quality Assurance (QA) process. A traditional contact center handles hundreds, if not thousands, of phone calls each day. But until recently, the industry standard for reviewing calls in a contact center came in at about 1%. This means that out of the thousands of conversations occurring each month, only a select handful are reviewed. And those calls are generally only reviewed if a pre-existing issue is identified.

QA is one of the most critical processes in any business, especially when dealing with a large volume of customer interactions. It lets companies set a standard for the work they produce, ensure that goals are met and adequately address issues where they arise. The QA benefits are two-fold. Quality assurance offers confidence internally to managers, and externally to customers, government agencies, regulatory bodies and third parties. It also helps to ensure best practices that proactively identify revenue opportunities.

Analyzing calls in your business as part of a quality assurance program ensures that your agents offer consistent service across the board. It also improves agents’ efficiency through behavior and script modification while increasing close rates.

The Problem With Manual QA Processes

Quality assurance is essential, but it takes a significant amount of time to do manually. Sifting through thousands of phone calls to analyze examples of negative and positive interactions isn’t practical for most businesses. And a manual QA process opens up room for human error and inaccurate data; it’s all too possible for an overworked QA agent to misinterpret an interaction and skew the data for that report.

Conversation Analytics Can Revolutionize QA Processes

Implementing a conversation analytics system in your organization enables you to process data faster — at a more significant scale — with higher accuracy. Rather than focusing solely on agent performance, voice data gives you comprehensive insights into multiple elements of your company’s operations from the customers’ perspective, including products, policy, pricing and service.

Any information from phone conversations that will improve the performance of your organization is available to you within seconds in a searchable database. Conversation analytics lets you organize unstructured data into an extensive knowledge base that your QA team can use to discover information relevant to numerous departments.

An automated quality assurance process removes human bias — and that allows you to have complete transparency and consistency across all business centers. You can also use your conversation analytics data to find the strongest and weakest points of phone calls to refine your existing customer service model and fine-tune your scripts. In addition, not having to painstakingly analyze phone calls frees up the time of QA staff, enabling them to shift their focus to training agents and drill down into problem calls.

QA automation is just one of many applications of the Conversation Analytics solution from Genesys AppFoundry partner, Call Journey. Conversation Analytics automates QA and enables you to analyze 100% of calls while delivering actionable insights that improve customer experience, business performance, employee engagement and risk management. Customers of Genesys can access the Call Journey Conversation Analytics engine directly from the AppFoundry Marketplace for the PureCloud® platform. And you can use the solution without leaving the Genesys environment. Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with Call Journey to learn more about Conversation Analytics.